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Here’s Why Janhvi And Sara Need To Fire Their Stylists ASAP!

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A warm welcome to all the 90s kids lurking here! Among the glitter and glamour of established style icons like Priyanka and Deepika, there are scrappy little 20-something stars who are still figuring it out. These young millennials are on a style journey to earn an identity for themselves which is exactly what we are going through.

Celebrities have a huge team behind them working tirelessly to make them look the part. Stylists, designer pals and the best HMU artists in the business, young stars are a mix of all these people. It takes years before they start taking control of their own narrative, even the very fierce Kangana Ranaut has gone through many a dress to finally slay in her regal sarees. Janhvi Kapoor and Sara Ali Khan started out with their own style peeking through before the slew of stylists took their fashion destiny in their control.  We take a look at their style evolution and the bits we loved and the ones that left us wanting more.

The Early Days

Almost everyone in their early 20s has had ripped jeans and striped shirt phase! As a student studying in one of the top universities in the world, Sara’s easy going style is all of us in college. The same goes for Janhvi, who was living in an array of bootcut jeans and white shirts before all the big screen styling got to her.

We do wish to give props to Janhvi here for that superbly styled button down. Carrying the token bag of college girls, a tan sling, she is fresh-faced and completely herself here!

The Young Debutantes

Sara made her debut in 2018, she’s gained a lot of popularity with images of her exercising, breathing etc making her kind of omni-present. She is usually decked up in a youthful clothes and accessories, which scream safe, a choice that’s perhaps a tad boring for a 23-year old. With over 7.8 million followers on Instagram, her personal style features plenty of casual kurtas and breezy pyjamas. She loves to take inspiration from her mother, Amrita Singh, which is great and it comes through!

Playing The Part

We understand the importance of appearances in show business. That is why we notice Janhvi’s style being directly picked up from whatever role she is playing. On a personal level, this is a ‘thicc-chic’ loving girl. High-waisted, booty hugging pants, sultry mini dresses and cute crop tops, obviously she feels most like herself in these. But their promotional looks are so OTT with the character of the movie taking over, we can’t help be feel defeated by it!

Dressing For Their Heroes

When one of the actors is loud, standing your own ground can be difficult but surely pandering isn’t the only way to go? It is perfectly fine to have two actors with distinctively different styles stand next to each other for a picture. Sara was on her promo run in this outfit that we think is rather unflattering and so far from her personal style, it comes off as rather insipid. We simply can’t behind the trend of styling co-stars similarly for a promotional event. It’s just lazy. Just give her a fabulous pantsuit, please!

Unnecessary Influences

No, that’s not Kylie Jenner, it’s in fact Janhvi. We know that the Kardashians are (unfortunately) style icons for the young and the restless. But styling Janhvi like her, for some unfathomable reason is unexciting. We have seen her look like a total queen in a sequinned mermaid dress and bold makeup. We know she can pull off the sexy siren while being completely herself.

Surrounding Them With Controversy

Can we please not have young educated women like Sara in tone-deaf and downright racist ads? Being in fashion films and magazine covers is important to set an image. We are hoping publications will take better care of these fresh celebs and make waves with the content, not the controversy.

ALL THE FLORALS! *rolls eyes*

We have honestly lost count how many times these girls have been put in a poufy floral dress. Yes, they are young. But that does not mean they can’t wear smart silhouettes and sleek lines. We are hoping to see more dialogue from Sara and Jahnvi, style statements that tell us who they are. Not what their teams want to show what they can be.


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