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Jane Fonda Repeated Her Dress From 2014 For The Oscars Red Carpet. She Is Really Making A Case For Sustainable Fashion

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Have you ever wondered what happens to all those stunning red carpet dresses after they are done going through the rigmarole of awards season? It is very rare in celebrity fashion that a certain ensemble on the carpet sees a rehash, given as these looks are planned way in advance and in line with current trends, moods and the theme of the event. It is also interesting to note as to how different these dresses are treated among peers. Some stars rent their outfits from PR agencies that act as a bridge between the designer and the celeb, especially when the attendee is a newbie and hasn’t formed many relationships in the industry. As for the ones who have, they work their favourite creators to make custom looks or lock down their bestsellers from the season. These are sometimes gifted to the celeb from their designer friend, returned for future sale or even displayed in costume institutes if they manage to become culturally relevant and indispensable.

No matter how you look at it, celebrity fashion does tend to contribute to a huge portion of waste generated in the industry, since most often, the clothes get discarded after a single-use. Fortunately for 2020, there has been a tonal shift in how these gorgeous creations are approached with the latest trend being re-wearing old classics, with a tiny update of course!

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Unlike the sustainable theme at the BAFTAs 2020s, the Oscars did not have an official call-for-action to treat red carpet fashion consciously, yet some A-listers took it upon themselves to take that route anyway. One of them was the legendary actress and human rights activist Jane Fonda, who showed up in a dramatic sheer gown decorated with extensive red sequin details, from the label Elie Saab. The actress had worn the same gown for the Cannes Film Festival in 2014 and accessorised with Pomellato jewellery because “it only uses responsible, ethically harvested gold and sustainable diamonds” she elaborated. We love she seems to fit better in the old dress now than she did 6 years ago!

Another actress who proved that she could be the keeper of the fountain of youth was actress, producer and director Elizabeth Banks. She re-wore a striking red number from 16 years ago and said, “It’s gorgeous and it fits … so why not wear it again?!” The Badgley Mischka ensemble is a shout-out to Banks collaboration with RAD, red carpet philanthropy, and the New Standard Institute to help brands lower their carbon use and achieve sustainability. The idea behind it stresses the “importance of sustainability in fashion and consumerism as it relates to climate change, production & consumption, ocean pollution, labor & women”.

A star on the rise, Kaitlyn Dever, chose a custom embroidered, ethical and eco-responsible Louis Vuitton gown crafted in accordance with Red Carpet Green Dress’ sustainability standards. The men did not fall behind as Best Actor winner Joaquin Phoenix from Joker vowed to wear the same tuxedo for all the award functions. The tux belongs to British designer Stella McCartney’s label, who went on to comment, “This man [Phoenix] is a winner…wearing custom Stella because he chooses to make choices for the future of the planet and all of its creatures. He has also chosen to wear this same Tux for the entire award season to reduce waste. I am proud and honoured to join forces with you, Joaquin, keep inspiring and keep shining your light”.

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This is such a welcome change in the way awards seasons can be done without creating wastage and keeping it clean and green!

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