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The Fashion At The Filmfare Red Carpet Was As Underwhelming. Everyone Played Safe And We’re Bored

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There are some things in life that benefit from being exclusive, for instance, a rave where you do not wish to have too many people in on ruining your buzz. And while an exclusive red carpet sounds fascinating, it fails the concept when the people who do walk it turn in lukewarm looks from their end. This year’s Filmfare Awards appears to have suffered the same fate when the handful of celebrities who attended it underwhelmed us completely with the fashion. It was unexciting, boring and stale…with just one lone act of bravery saving the day from being a total disaster.

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Alia Bhatt Tries Hard

Can we stop with the silky, flowy gowns for Alia on the red carpet already? The silhouette is getting boring on her and the fabric never turns out well in reality without the studio lighting. The Georges Hobeika draped gown washed her out completely on stage, even though Alia herself did a great job with the hair and makeup…the dress couldn’t catch up!

Ananya Panday Plays It Safe

At first glance, Ananya’s yellow tulle skirt and bandeau top set from Dylan Parienty is pretty cool, until you realise how much it looks like Deepika Padukone’s Giambattista Valli number she wore to the JIO MAMI festival. There is nothing new about the ensemble and feels repetitive. The young starlet is due a fashion revolution any day now!

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Taapsee Pannu Pulls The Wrong Nature Inspiration

Fashion pulls many influences from nature. They usually work when these influences are reproduced as wearable versions of themselves. A memo that was lost with Taapsee Pannu’s Fouad Sarkis gown which not only is printed like butterfly wings, it was shaped like one too. The actress looked she has just stepped out of a chrysalis and is going through an identity crisis because the colour palette is more ‘moth’ than ‘butterfly’ IMO!

Bhumi Pednekar Relies On Drama

Just because your gown looks dramatic on the rack, doesn’t mean it will look striking on the body as well. The Gaby Charbachy sheer and fringed number falls flat because of the minimal accessorising, especially when the label itself paired the gown with a corset belt to add definition and a cinch.

Ranveer Singh Saves The Day!

It doesn’t bode well for an event when there is but just one look worth your time; which comes from a celebrity who is obviously going to turn out a great ensemble without a doubt. Ranveer Singh stayed true to the essence of an award show and wore a Kaushik Velendra tux with structured shoulders and embellishment details. The young London-based Indian designer has been putting out exciting work and we love that he got a shout-out from one of Bollywood’s finest!

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