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Alia Bhatt’s Year In Fashion Was About Growth And Making Big Changes. Here’s Our Top 5 Moments From Her 2019 Style File

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Let’s give some credit where credit’s due…Alia Bhatt is a very collected young person under harsh limelight. At 26, she has already proven herself to be a more than capable director’s actor and a fashion icon for young girls across the country. With over 40m followers on Instagram and over a million subscribers on her Youtube channel, Alia’s influence on the web consuming audiences is plenty. She has also managed to become a household name with her power-packed and authentic performances in movies like Raazi and Dear Zindagi, earning applause from her much older peers as well.

Alia is a millennial who broke all the stereotypes of being one. She also had a very relatable year in fashion. It was a mix of highs and lows and highs again, always keeping us on our toes, even when she was wearing safari outfits for days on end.

Here are our top 5 highlights from Alia’s year in fashion, 2019!

Start Off On A High

Alia Bhatt had one of the most exciting starts to her year when it comes to celebrity fashion. She was right in the middle of promoting India’s official entry to the Oscars Gully Boy (which is out of the race now) and was riding a high wave of fun and original looks. Dressed in modern luxe labels like Ralph Lauren and Stella McCartney, ace stylist Ami Patel did a fabulous job on her with her. I mean, if you are promoting a film next to style chameleon Ranveer Singh, you have to step up your game and Alia was able to stand her ground like a pro!

The Kalank Junket

Kalank was a disaster. Kalank the promotional tour was inspired! Alia formed 1/3rd of the stunning women trio, which also included Madhuri Dixit Nene and Sonakshi Sinha, that made us swoon over their ethnic ensembles for a whole month. Richly hued salwar suits, beautiful shararas, opulent sarees and much else. These women re-invented promoting a period film and we loved the spectacle of it. We think Alia should do period films more often, if only so we can bear witness to a fashion extravaganza.

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A Mid-Year Slug

For a while there, we thought Alia was losing her touch. Her fashion statements weren’t hard-hitting enough, she was wearing styles that were totally wrong for her and it seemed like she was relying too heavily on the magic of studio lights and flattering angles to make her outfits work. This phase was also marked by clumsy styling on the red carpet that shocked us for being lazy and bored us, to say the least. We craved to see Alia’s bounce back because this girl is to naturally stylish to be wasting away in underwhelming looks.

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Editorial Flubs

As interesting as Alia is in reality, it didn’t really translate to any of her editorial features this year. You have to understand that Alia has accomplished a lot for someone her age and that kind of success has to have a more engaging story behind it than just “pretty young girl who can act well”. When she was pushed beyond her limits, it fell flat. For instance, the underwater Vogue India spread with her was entirely new for her, but it failed to impress visually. There is an art to being a great feature star in a major magazine and we think Alia has still to learn how to find the sweet spot.

A New Look

What impressed us most about Alia this year was how she managed to ride out her rut and emerge in a fresh new look. As far as big changes for a major star is concerned, working with a new stylist is right up there with choosing films. You can pretty much make or break a celeb these days with styling and their public persona. And Alia found a great collaborator with Lakshmi Lehr, she has turned Alia from a young ingenue to a rebel without a cause and we love it. Fun fact: Lakshmi started out by styling Hrithik Roshan and that is just so cool!

Alia Bhatt’s Shoes Are 100% Calf Leather. And Yet, She Runs Co-Exist Which Works For Animal Welfare. Double Standards Much?


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