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Alia Bhatt’s Underwater Photoshoot Is Exciting For Her But We’ve Seen So Much Of This Style

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Photography nerds will relate…underwater photoshoots are one of the trickiest shots to pull off. Based on the dexterity of the model, the photographer and the outfit, these shoots can end up in a number of different ways. They are either ridiculously fabulous or look like a mermaid transition from their fish state to a human!

Having said that underwater photo shoots have been a constant theme in the glamour industry. The most daring of models have dived down in their Versace gowns to give a fierce shot. The reason why they are so is because of the creativity that goes into them. There is so much you can do with them. Stage a tea party, strike a ballet pose or ride a bike (all three of them have been done already), there is no limit to one’s imagination in the aqua world.

Which is what we thought when we first saw Alia Bhatt’s recent Vogue India feature. Shot underwater by scuba diving instructor, underwater photographer, and filmmaker Sumer Verma, the pictures an exciting new frontier for Alia to explore. The actress has never done something like this for an editorial…

…even though she looks like fish outta water (not literally):

Yet, they are a bit underwhelming. They are a safe route to take, which is not expected of the cover star of the feature. Alia has been part of some quite innovative and imaginative features, so this particular foray into sub-level floaters is disappointing. We have seen many inspiring projects in this style, from Beyonce’s internet-breaking maternity shoot…

…to RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 5 giving us inexperienced drag queens dunked in a tank and have them work it:

It has all been done!

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We love that Alia has chosen to break out of her shell and try these gravity-defying moves, but, we’d love to see a bit more sharpness to it. A little OTT, something extra. When you have one of the most talented young actresses to work with, you have to put her in a BIG ballgown, even if she’s jumping into a pool!


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