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High School Girl Married Her BF Who Has Just A Few Months To Live. This Is Such A Beautiful Love Story

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When I was a teen, I watched A Walk To Remember in which Mandy Moore’s character doesn’t have long to live. She marries her boyfriend and spends her last summer as his wife. It was a real tearjerker and honestly, I haven’t been able to gather courage to watch that movie again. Just the way I can’t watch PS: I love you again. These movies show such profound love and in its purest sense. On the other end of the spectrum is Sex and the City’s Carrie who is seeking love that is “passionate” and “inconvenient” and rather disappointed with the kind coming her way. I never thought I could relate to a character in a show that goes decades back.

And in yet another place in the world is a young couple with the kind of love that makes our hearts ache with a bitter-sweet emotion. It inspires poetry, books and movies because being able to still love unabashedly is an art. Chase Smith and Sadie Mills are high schoolers who tied the knot recently because Chase has about three to five months to live. He has Ewing’s sarcoma, a rare form of cancer since he was 12, as reported by The Indy Star.

Chase and Sadie had been dating for six months before getting married on Sadie’s parents’ Indiana driveway – in the same spot where they shared their first kiss. “Overall, it was the best day of my life…I’ve always wanted an outdoor wedding and the fact that Chase came up with the idea to have the altar right where we went on our first date, where we had our first kiss, that meant a lot to me,” Sadie revealed.

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What to say about Chase and Sadie…. if you haven't seen them on national news, you've been living in a hole! The sweetest, most beautiful and tragic little love story you've ever seen…. Sadie was one of our 2020 senior models this year. Her boyfriend Chase was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 12 and has been battling off and on since then. He was recently only given months to live, and with Chase and Sadie's budding yet strong love, they knew they didn't want to wait! They even have a child together… their little bulldog named Dubs. So much love surrounds this sweet couple and they are hoping and praying for q miracle, so come one little miracle workers! Work your magic!!! ❤❤❤

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The lovebirds had been dreaming of marriage but they had planned to do it eventually, maybe after college. However, they had to change plans when Chase discovered that his cancer had relapsed. The doctors told him that he doesn’t have long – with tumours all over his body.

“We definitely were thinking about getting married in the future and we knew we wanted to,” said Chase. “A lot of people do say, ‘Oh they’re getting married because he has the potential to pass away soon,’ and that’s not at all why we decided to get married. It was more of just a wake-up call that, ‘Hey, God wants you two together,’” he further added.

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The sound of your heart beats with mine.❤️

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Within four days, they had already convinced their parents and the preps were being done. “I have the best two parents I could possibly have. For them to be a hundred percent behind me and my choices and my decisions on who I love and who I wanted to marry when I wanted to marry, it couldn’t mean any more to me than what it did,” Chase said.

When Sadie walked down the aisle, Chase just couldn’t contain his emotions and broke down. “I was so excited to see her ’cause I hadn’t seen her all day. It was the pure reaction of being able to see her… It was like a hit in the chest of emotion,” he explained.

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They don’t know how long they get to be together and that can be stressful. However, they are going strong because of their faith in a higher power and each other. They are living their best life and loving an eternity’s worth. “We’re able to have that natural connection of being able to talk and be able to calm each other down in those scenarios,” Smith expressed. “It’s been the best month of my life, for sure,” he further added. This is literally the most beautiful love story I have heard and restores my faith in love.

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