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Are You A Couple Living In A Joint Family Set Up? Here Are 5 Ways To Keep Your Romance Alive

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There is a huge gap between the concept of marriage in our parents’ generation and ours. I am sure, they needed their privacy as well, but they were more accustomed to be more around and about family than with each other. Today, couples understand that unless their bond is strong, you can’t build a sturdy foundation for your family. Plus, we are not a generation who shies away from romance. We love every bit of it and when we get married, we want to be each other’s love monkeys. Except, living in a joint family kinda limits the scope of that opportunity. You know, when you’re planning to go on a romantic date, and the entire fam tags along? Or when you want to go for a Goa vacay alone with bae but your in-laws insist you to join them in Lonavala? The way you wait every night for them to go to their room so you can go to yours and just spend time with your husband. Whether you’re already married or marrying into a joint family, this article will help you keep your romance alive!

1. Go for several getaways

When you’re living in a joint family as a couple, you may not be able to completely let your hair down and have the kind of fun young couples like. So take vacations as often as you can. Go for mini vacations, and if there are time and money constraints simply go for a staycation. Spending a weekend away from all the responsibilities, chilling in a resort will give you enough time to be with each other, doing things you love. And maybe having sex on the couch without the fear of anyone walking in whilst you’re at it.

2. Don’t make all plans about everyone – some are for just the both of you

Yeah, you probably want to be in your in-laws’ good books and not make them feel like you’re stealing their child. But it doesn’t mean that they have to tag along in every single plan! For instance, if you’re going for a movie with bae and MIL says she wants to come along 4th time in a month, let her know that it’s a date and you guys wanted to spend some quality time alone. Be nice but firm.

3. Give him priority over work and chores

Most of us are working professionals and we don’t get enough time to spend with our partners all day long. So if you get preoccupied with household work , when will you indulge in romance with bae? Sometimes it’s important to take a step back and delegate your work while you invest time in nurturing your relationship.

4. Be comfortable and get everyone to be comfortable with the idea of PDA

You’re living in a joint family, which means your family will be around at all times. So you either embrace PDA or live with limited affection. And I don’t see how the latter is an option even! Some families may not be used to PDA but eventually they will get habituated to seeing you hugging and kissing your hubby dearest! And there’s nothing to tut tut about!

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5. Don’t discuss fights or ask for advice related to your marriage

Once you let them in, there’s no turning back. In such situations, the sense of boundaries is diminished, and any third-party interference will never cause any good in the long term. Keep what is yours to yourselves.

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