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5 Reasons Why You Walking Up To A Guy And Making The First Move Is A Great Idea

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Whenever we find someone cute in our line of sight, most women either wait for the guy to make a move or simply settle for someone else who does. And I don’t blame them. For the longest time, I too was shy to initiate flirting with someone I found attractive. Like most people, I am afraid of rejection and embarrassment but none of these things happen when you make a move. It’s all in our heads. In fact, even men feel the very same things so it’s not easy for them to make a move either. But now that we are disposing of sexist rules, this one has to go for the greater good of everyone’s dating life. Women must make the first move if they find someone attractive. Here’s why!

  1. Confident women are sexy

It takes a lot of courage to make the first move because essentially none of us like rejection. And when you’re the one initiating the flirting, you’re diving into a pool of uncertainty head first. Everybody gets nervous, even the most charming of men. But when you are confident of who you are, you don’t need the validation of a guy you found attractive at the club. So you approach him, if he likes you he will reciprocate. If not, he will not. That won’t shatter you. Once you know that, you will be oozing confidence and that’s hella sexy!

  1. Waiting for a man to approach you is regressive

Men who are intimidated by confident women are not worth dating. If you’re worried that you will come off too strong, then don’t be. We don’t need to conform to the long-existing sexist rules of dating. Life is too short to wait life to happen to you. The best thing is, if all of us stop hesitating to make the first move, we will be starting a whole new dating revolution!

  1. There aren’t any guessing games

Whether it is about making the first move or taking things to the next level, women must be vocal about their desires. We know how much time we’ve wasted just trying to guess what’s on his mind. Cut that short; time is precious. You will either have him or enough time to move on to the next cutie. If you keep guessing, you will only have your loneliness to embrace.

  1. Being a go-getter can do wonders for your dating life

As a woman, chances are, three out of 10 men in the room like you but only one approaches you. If you don’t make the first move, you will be missing out on so many options, including those who already like you but probably are as afraid as you of rejection. So many potential love stories never become forever stories because nobody makes the move. Even if a guy didn’t like you first, you have the ability to charm the pants off him. He can like you, after knowing you and seeing how cute and intelligent you are!

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  1. Some men are shy too

It’s harder to approach a woman than it is to talk to a man. Several men are shy and honestly, I like shy guys! Why put so much pressure on them? Take the pressure off them shy men!

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