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10 Signs He Won’t Really Commit To A Relationship With You

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I have often felt like giving up on dating altogether. Because millennial dating comes with too much stress. Earlier, it used to be simple – you had to meet your cutie, liked each other, fell in love and got around to having a relationship. Now you have to figure out what the fuck he actually wants. Because the care and affection is there but it says nothing about whether he wants commitment. Does he want to casually date? Is it exclusive? Is it a situationship? I don’t understand these concepts that come along with a humungous amount of guesswork.

I’d rather have it that we are on the same page, whatever that page is. It’s safer that way because nobody gets hurt. But sometimes it gets frustrating when you guys decided to take it slow and see where it goes. And now it feels like you’re in a merry-go-round. Will he commit? Will he eventually ask you to be his girlfriend? Considering you want these things, how do you figure he wants them too? If he has been acting flaky, chances are he is a commitment phobe like a majority of people in our generation. Here are 10 signs he will never come around to getting into a relationship with you.

  1. He doesn’t take you out on real dates

He asks you to “chill” with him and that usually ends up in his bedroom. If he calls you over for movies and making out, it’s usually just the latter. He doesn’t try to woo you with real dates and conversations because that becomes more relationship-y.

  1. He doesn’t do “boring” things with you

When he really cares for you, he is not just in for the good stuff. Such a guy is there even for things that are just plain dull but needs to be done – like accompanying you to the supermarket or to get your car repaired. But your guy doesn’t volunteer for these things and you feel too awkward asking him.

  1. You feel like it’s becoming more about sex

You guys started off with ‘let’s see where this goes’. But at this point you feel it’s going nowhere beyond the bedroom. He says he cares about you but he will give you only enough to keep you interested but he’s really not invested when it’s about emotions.

  1. He has expressed his unwillingness to commit

The red flags have been there since the start; he has said things like it’s difficult for him to trust anyone or he is too scared to get into a relationship. At such times, it’s good to take his word for it.

  1. He still “hangs out” with other women

He “hangs out” with them like he does with you. If you were any close to becoming his girlfriend, he would have showed some signs of exclusivity. But he is living the single life it seems!

  1. You don’t really get to know each other

You know what alcohol he drinks, what car he drives and what time he wakes up. But do you know the kind of equation he shares with his fam, the things that move him and his dreams? If he is not taking you seriously, he won’t confide in you. These are hurried conversations that you engage in before you get to the sex.

  1. He is very secretive about his phone

He keeps his phone with the screen down or carries it around like an extra limb whenever he is with you. Either he is chatting up with several other women or he is a top secret agent. The chances of him being the latter are quite bleak so if I were you, I’d take that as a red flag.

  1. Your friends still don’t know about your romance

So either he has never made you meet them or if he has, then he pretends to be just good friends with you. Of course, you guys had mutually decided to keep it under wraps till you know where it is headed. Except, it’s at a standstill and the only thing that’s escalating is your frustration.

  1. He never makes or confirms any future plans

If he’s feeling particularly committed, he will plan the coming weekend with you. If you ask him if he wants to join you for a trip two months down the line, he will have a list of excuses longer than his penis! That’s because he doesn’t know how long this will last and his intentions are clear, girl.

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  1. His life is scattered

A guy who is sorted in his life and has his ducks in a row (whatever those ducks are) will be in a better place to commit. But he is indecisive AF and can’t even decide on which movie to watch. That guy is never going to come around to settling down. At least not at this point.

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