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5 Celeb-Inspired Saree Draping Styles That Are Anything But Boring

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I have practically learned draping the six-yard fabric by watching my mom getting ready for events. I would watch her carefully taking out her saree from a neatly stacked pile in her cupboard and wearing them the same way every time. I always wondered why she styles the saree in the same traditional drape and would occasionally try to convince her to at least change the pallu style sometimes, but in vain. Now that I have some fashion tricks up my sleeves, I style her sarees into contemporary outfits and mostly she’s in awe (other times she makes a face). The point is, in case you thought there is only one (or two) ways to rock a saree, you’d be glad to know it isn’t true.

A saree is undoubtedly a must-have clothing item in every woman’s wardrobe, because, for one it’s so elegant and classy and secondly, it is so versatile that you can basically wear the same saree a thousand ways and sport a new outfit every time you step out. This obviously includes different draping styles such as dhoti style, front pallu, neck drape and the classic retro Mumtaz style saree with no pleats, however, we are not going to talk about drapes today.

We are taking the chicer and much easier route to styling the graceful drapery. We are going to talk about a range of clothing items and some accessories that could help you redefine the traditional way of wearing your saree. Plus, if you are going to be a bride soon, this would really help you when you want to give your mundane saree a fresh twist for your wedding ceremonies and even on those rushed evenings when you need to getting ready for an impromptu party post wedding (there’d be many, I assure you).

What you can do is throw on some other piece of clothing with your saree to make it super stylish and chic. If you are clueless as to how to do it, here are some looks and ways to style your saree to get a unique and fresh look every time you wear it.

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With a shrug


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Who knew jackets and shrugs would one day be the most sought-after pairing piece for your sarees? A sheer shrug over your saree could make it so much stunning and elegant. This statement-making look is essentially great for the ongoing sweater weather where wearing just the blouse won’t do it for you but styling it with a shrug would keep your warm while making you look incredibly gorgeous.

With a cape


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A few years ago, cape replaced the cumbersome dupatta from the lehengas and now it’s taking over the saree styles too. No, it isn’t a substitute for your pallu but a cape-style blouse could revamp your saree look and take your traditional look a notch higher. It’s up to you how long you want your cape to be. It could be relatively shorter and end on your arms or it could be royally floor-sweeping and extravagant.

With a belt


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Belts are having a moment in the ethnic fashion and you can see them adorning lehengas, skirts and even sarees this and the next year too. An accessory that was limited to your western outfit till now is being added to your traditional looks. Plus it lends a form-fitting silhouette to your look and keeps your pallu in place. There are a bunch of options to style a belt with a saree and make it instantly chic and fuss-free. Team your saree with a matching belt or kamarband-like tie-around fabric or lace; both works well for a stylish saree look.

With Pants


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Although a relatively risky business especially when you are a newbie at the styling game, pairing saree with pants can look extremely sexy and modern if you do it right. You can get pre-stitched saree pants outfit, there are plenty, but if you want to revamp your old saree and give it a fresh twist by styling it differently, you can DIY with a pair of matching trousers and make your own chic saree outfit. Simply make pleats and drape your saree as you normally would, leaving a leg at display in pants, of course.

With blazer


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Your saree could be a very powerful fashion piece, there’s no doubt about it. However, if you pair it with a blazer, it would most probably give even your pant suits a run for their money, especially where the concept of power dressing is concerned. Pick a shade from your saree and wear a blazer on top of your neatly draped saree. Add a sleek belt to keep all of it in place and spice up the look if you want to. For a festive look though, you could team your saree with a brocade blazer and for a casual look, go for a more simplistic design.

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