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5 Styling Hacks To Wear Your Party Clothes More Often!

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Admit it, you have more than one LBD. And even though the cupboard is practically bursting at the seams with clothes, when it’s party season, we all end up going on a shopping spree despite having a bunch of things that you could *possibly* wear. It’s true. You also end up buying matching accessories, blingy shoes, and a bedazzled bag, because why stop at just clothes? The thing is , though, accessories can be mixed and matched and worn with other outfits, even after the party season is over, but what do you end up doing with the clothes? Apart from donating it or swapping it with your bestie, there are so many ways in which you can actually re-wear your clothes. Here are 5 ways to re-wear your party clothes throughout the year. Without looking like you are too enthusiastic about work or something.

1. Pair your dress with shorts or jeans

Tuck your tight dress into a pair of shorts, skirt, or a pair of jeans in order to wear it to any casual occasion. Your LBD doesn’t have to be a formal outfit!

2. Wear your skirt as a tube top

If you’ve a skirt that might be too dramatic for everyday wear, you can tone it down and here’s how. Pull your skirt up to your chest and tie a belt around your waist. This way, it looks like a dress and the belt will enhance the silhouette.

3. Throw on a blazer on top of a sequinned top

Don’t limit your sequinned top to a party! You can even create a casual look out of it by pairing it with a fitted blazer for a brunch with your girls.

4. Wear a leather jacket/sweater on top of a frilly cocktail dress

Those elaborate cocktail dresses can be pretty tricky to re-wear but that doesn’t mean you don’t try. Throw on a leather jacket or a sweater on top of it to bring some edge to the pretty, pretty ensemble.

5.  Wear a shirt under a tube dress

You can easily style your dresses with a shirt. Pick a casual shirt to wear under your dress. You’ll look casual, chic and edgy, all at the same time.


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