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Sai Tamhankar Launches Her Fashion Label ‘The Saree Story’ To Globalise The Six Yard Drape. We Love This

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It was only a few years ago that I discovered my love for sarees and started hoarding different variations of the six-yard drape. Before that, I wore one of my mom’s, if I absolutely had to. But with time I realised how versatile of a garment it really is. Saree isn’t just a wedding fixture anymore and has percolated into multiple styles that can be worn for any occasion. Turns out, actress Sai Tamhankar shares the same love for sarees and has launched her own label, The Saree Story with an aim to globalise the fashion piece with “sumptuous and elegant designs.” How cool is that?

Sai isn’t the first celebrity to jump on the entrepreneurial bandwagon. There are a lot of actor-turned-fashion moguls in the industry but Sai is probably the first one to pick the graceful and grandeur fabric to sell under her name. And, that’s what we absolutely loved about her brand. A saree is a classic clothing item that has stood the test of time and still isn’t sidelined by the contemporary fashion trends. In fact, it has evolved into this fashion piece that can be moulded into an outfit according to your style preference simply with an interesting draping.

Sai’s love for sarees is evident and she is known for her impeccable style. So, we’re guessing that her brand will have a trace of her fashion personality woven into her sarees which will probably make her label stand out amidst plenty of other existing brands.


Sai and her college friend Shruti Bhosale Chavan came up with the brand that specifically focuses on the much-loved traditional clothing when they were kids and only brought it to fruition years after. They sketched it out during the lockdown this year and finally launched the brand two days ago, just in time for festive season. “Me and Shruti go a long way. Since our college days we dreamt of doing something together. We were teenagers then and had no idea how life was going to shape up and finally 2020 gave us a lot of time to plan this and hence I took the plunge to present a new side of me through ‘The Saree Story’,” Sai told

Her collection features lightweight silk woven sarees like chanderi silk, tissue muga silk and linen in vibrant colour palette like ochre, peach, purple, green and pink. The sarees range from minimal summery pieces to elaborate ones for every woman and every occasion and come in different colours so you can take your pick. The sarees have intricate embroidery in gold and silver which makes them a perfect fit to sport for a casual as well as any traditional and religious affair. Plus, these sarees are pretty affordable and won’t break your bank.

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Talking about how she came up with the name, Sai said, “Sarees can’t get out of fashion, they have strong Indian values and traditions attached to it. There are 30 odd types of Saree in our country and every state has a unique styling of a saree and a heritage background attached to it, therefore, we thought of naming our brand ‘The Saree Story’.” She said that like every movie has a story, each piece of saree in her brand will have a unique story to it too. Hence, the name.

“The designs, the cloth and every minuscule element that culminates into the process of making a saree is unique and exclusive at the ‘The Saree Story’. Like there is a story to every film every Saree in our brand has a story to it,” she told Pinkvilla. On the official social media account of the brand, customers are also called to share their saree stories.

Saree is a timeless fashion garment and there’s a story woven in every piece. Be it the first saree you ever worn which reminds you of the process you went through while draping it or the silk saree passed down from your mom to you that’s still the most prized possession in your wardrobe, a saree is always special. Sai, with her fashion label ‘The Saree Story’ mirrors this very thought through her stunning collection and we can’t wait to try one of her silk pieces this festive season.

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