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Rupam From Indian Matchmaking Who Was Willing To Give Marriage A Second Chance Has Found ‘The One’ On An Online Dating App. Don’t Always Listen To Sima Aunty

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Whether you loved it or hated it, I am sure you couldn’t stop yourself from binge watching the entire season of Netflix series Indian Matchmaking. I admit it showed the messed up reality of arranged marriage in the Indian society and sparked some heated debate around the same, but you can’t deny the fact that you actually found yourself rooting for some of the brides- and grooms-to-be at the end of the show. Which reminds me, the last episode left us hanging as we didn’t really get to know what happened to some of those candidates. Not cool.

While I didn’t care about everyone, I was really curious to know who does Rupam end up with, the single mother, physician by profession who was seeking a second-chance romance. Turns out, she found her soulmate with no help of Sima Aunty (good for her!). Last we saw, she matched with a guy on a dating app that she was thinking about going out with. Well, she did and now is all set to tie the knot with him in September.

She recently took to Instagram to make an official announcement of her engagement with the mystery man who goes by the name Nitin Anand. She wrote in the caption, “Nitin and I are so excited to announce our engagement!! A few months ago Nitin and I celebrated the joining of our families quietly at home, not anticipating how much interest there would be in our love story 💕 Stay tuned for more details of our story in the coming days, and how we met on @bumble 🐝 📸: @asnagpal_photography special thanks to our photographer for capturing our love during a heat wave!!”

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She told Vogue India, “When I was ready to give myself another chance, an app seemed like a good place to start. It took some time, and a lot of first dates. But ultimately, I did find my forever: One who respected my past, accepted me as a mother, and shared the same values as me.”

Nitin, her fiancé is a banker and the two bonded over 90s music and the fact that both lived in UES and Brooklyn, among other things. Talking about him, Rupam told ScreenRant, “He’s a great guy. He’s Sikh. He is a single parent to a daughter and we have great chemistry. I feel really lucky that we met and connected. Sima Aunty is just a memory.” “He was respectful of my past. He loves the fact that I’m a mom,” she added. The matchmaker Sima Taparia had told her on the show that because she was a divorcee, she had very less options and needed to compromise (eye roll).

Rupam, paying no heed to Sima’s baseless opinions, went on to find her happily ever after on a dating app Bumble. “As a single mother, I was often told by traditional matchmakers that my options were limited. I refused to accept this and did not want to let societal pressures or stigmas pull me down,” she told Vogue. “Moreover, I was determined to write my own destiny. So, on the recommendation of a friend, I downloaded the app two years ago when I was ready to date,” she added further.

She went on a date with Nitin when she was visiting her family in New York. Recalling the day, she said, “Our first date lasted an amazing 24 hours—we spent the whole day together brunching, hiking and finished with dinner at a steakhouse. It was one of the best dates I’ve ever been on!”

I am so glad that Rupam found her second chance at love via a progressive dating system as opposed to the oppressive Indian matchmaking that is misogynistic and so judgemental of single mothers. She rejected the whole problematic route of Indian matchmaking and Sima Aunty’s regressive views and find love at her own terms. At least, her love story found a happy ending which is more than what can be said for other contestants on the show, thanks to Sima Aunty.

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