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Once Again, Natasha Dalal Gets Trolled Because Her Bridal Jewellery Was The Same That She Wore For Akash Ambani’s Wedding. Erm, So?

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Some brides are like Geet from Jab We Met, jinko bachpan se hi shadi karne ka bhot shauk hota hai, by god! They have been planning their wedding with utmost dedication, have a checklist ready for every minuscule to mammoth detail, and want their big day to be no less than an exquisite affair. If you can’t relate, you probably belong to the second category of brides. They aren’t too keen on details and probably want to get it over with all the extensive wedding line-up and festivities so they can finally get some sleep. They don’t even care about their bridal outfit and jewellery. I mean, they’d happily put on their mom’s old jewellery or the beautiful dupatta they bought a few years ago. Do you see anything wrong with it? Neither do we. It’s completely normal to not make your bridal look a big deal, right? However, when Natasha Dalal did it for her wedding with Varun Dhawan, she was brutally trolled.

Varun Dhawan married his “life-long love” (as he put it on his Insta post caption) Natasha Dalal last weekend in Alibaug. And more than wishes for the happy couple, their wedding pictures were filled with hate comments and trolls. From her choice of lehenga and white chooda to wearing minimal makeup that apparently “didn’t make her look like a bride” to some, Natasha was trolled mercilessly for her bridal look. However, the so-called fashion police weren’t done. They noticed that she was wearing the same jewellery that she had previously worn while attending another big fat Indian wedding—Akash Ambani and Shloka Mehta’s—back in 2019. And they found another reason to slam her, this time for repeating her jewellery, because how could she? SMH!

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She wore an emerald and diamond encrusted jewellery set with earrings, necklace and a maang tikka on her wedding. She had worn the same necklace for Akash Ambani’s wedding. I think it is pretty dope that she went for an old necklace from her jewellery box rather than spending big bucks on another piece. Shows how simple and humble she is despite being a successful fashion designer. That’s probably one of the reasons why Dhawan fell in love with her.

Plus, what’s wrong about repeating a piece of jewellery on your wedding? Last I checked, there isn’t any rulebook that says you have to wear everything absolutely brand-new. In fact, in some cultures, wearing something old is considered auspicious and brings good luck. Most Indian brides also wear their mom’s old gold jewellery from their wedding for their own.

Also, the way I see it, it’s completely her choice whether she wants to invest in new bridal jewellery or not. If I had a diamond necklace that I loved and matched my bridal lehenga, I would have done the same. However, we assume all celebrities to be prodigal and highly self-indulgent and expect them to go all out on their wedding. Which explains the disappointment when Natasha repeated her jewellery. Seriously, the social media trolls need to calm down. Earlier, they had a problem with her wearing minimal jewellery which they deemed better suited for a reception look rather than wedding, and now they aren’t happy with her repeating her jewellery. Can we leave the poor girl alone?

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