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Huge Jhumkas Are A Fashion Statement But Are They Worth The Pain? Erm, No.

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When Deepika Padukone’s earlobes became a fodder for memes for carrying huge-ass earrings, all women related with the ordeal woman must have gone through. I mean, we were all laughing at the memes but deep down we all know that those pretty—not little—things are extremely painful and most of the times end up in our clutches even before we are done with the ceremony. But apparently you can’t do that in your own wedding, partly because your mom won’t let you. I don’t know about you but I am already fidgeting about the day (D-day) that I’d be expected to wear equally weighty and extravagant earrings since its traditionally a part of the bridal dress-up and let’s be honest, they have become sort of a bridal fashion trend which DP might or might not have started.

Not just statement earrings, Indian brides are supposed to wear multiple jewellery pieces including mang tikka, nose ring, necklaces and bangles, all incredibly heavy-weight and irritating to the skin BTW, because customs and tradition. Some of this jewellery actually weighs a couple of kilos which obviously leave marks and rash on skin the next day, not to mention the discomfort and numbness it causes throughout the ceremony. We have been conforming to this idea of dressing up like a chandelier on our wedding and carrying highly uncomfortable and pain-inducing jewellery just because! What you could do is opt for minimal and light weight jewellery that are equally statement-making but won’t weigh you down.


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Most modern millennial brides are moving away from the age-old tradition of being decked up in weighty outfits and jewellery and rather keeping their bridal look very simple and fresh. Heavy lehengas is a thing of the past as brides today are picking more practical and fuss-free styles for their wedding. Similarly, for jewellery too, they are opting for light and comfy pieces that look just as aesthetic and gorgeous but are not uncomfy and hurtful to carry. They are ditching massive necklaces like kundan-encrusted rani haar or heavy gold jewellery for pearl neck pieces and dainty, layered chains. Talking about earrings, they are gravitating towards diamond studs and tiny jhumkis instead of wearing bulky jhumkas and chandbaalis.

A lot of earrings styles come with a chain support that makes it tad bit easier for you to wear them for longer hours but your earlobes might still cry for help the next day. Plus, your bridal jewellery is pretty expensive and it’s only smarter to invest in something that you can wear all year round and pair with different outfits. Light and minimalistic jewellery is extremely versatile and would make for a head-turner even after your wedding.


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Recently, Natasha Dalal who tied the knot with actor Varun Dhawan also wore a single diamond necklace and emerald encrusted earrings with her white lehenga for which she also got trolled because to some people, she didn’t really look like a bride. Ugh! Maybe it’s time we normalise brides going easy on the jewellery or even completely ditching it, if that’s what they want. I refuse to be weighed down by the heavy jewellery on my big day. While I realise that I don’t want to give up on the jewellery altogether, mainly because I want to shine (duh), I am definitely snubbing maximalist and OTT earrings and other jewellery pieces and going as minimal as possible.

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