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Huda Kattan Forays Into Pre-loved Fashion, Invests In Online Luxury Resale Platform. This Is Such A Cool Concept For Sustainable Fashion

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Designer wear and luxury fashion items, although incredibly gorgeous, come with an even stunning price tag that burns a hole in your pocket and might require a kidney to be sacrificed. The work and art that goes into it does explain the hefty cost but the value-oriented Indian in me just doesn’t let me snap up the high-end fashion items. Clearly, I am not alone. This is the reason why the preloved fashion market has boomed in the recent past. Customers have begun preferring budget-friendly designer gems or spending on the resale luxury items, now more than ever, due to this pandemic. And the ecommerce platforms selling preloved fashion items is the best bet for the frugal fashion-obsessed.

Pre-loved is just a fancy term for preowned and these resale platforms help you find luxury brand items like a Chanel bag and Gucci sneakers at a fair price. This also promotes sustainable fashion as reusing fashion pieces and high-cost items is not only economical but fashionably responsible. The demand for resale luxury brands has especially skyrocketed in the middle east markets. To state the obvious, UAE loves luxury fashion and thus online luxury boutiques are blossoming.

This seems like reason enough for the beauty mogul Huda Kattan to foray her UAE-based makeup empire into the second-hand luxury market. She and her sister Mona Kattan have decided to partner with the Dubai-based online luxury resale platform The Luxury Closet. The ecommerce platform that sells preloved high-end brands has made Huda Beauty Investments (HBI) one of its principal shareholders. Mona Kattan will also be joining the board. This is exciting for the fashion lovers and Huda beauty loyalists alike. Plus, I love the fact that the Kattan sisters are encouraging their millennial followers to invest in sustainable and slow fashion by embracing in the preloved fashion.

You don’t have to spend big bucks to look like a million dollars and this fashion-conscious move is proof. Slow fashion is the new way of life and second-hand market is the future of retail. Not only does it save the pennies of the customers but also the planet. And, this thought is what made Kattan sisters invest in the resale luxury. Talking about the tie-up, Huda said “Sustainability is one of our primary focuses and a core tenant for the HBI portfolio. In our continued effort to champion responsible and eco-friendly businesses, we couldn’t be more enthusiastic about our partnership with The Luxury Closet.”

The millennial influencer enjoy mass following on her social media and this will prove beneficial for The Luxury Closet as well to really dig in and get a stronger hold in the market. The pandemic has pressed a reset button on the retail industries as the shopping habits of customers have and are expected to shift significantly. With the economy sliding, customers are less likely to invest in premium brands, let alone high-end luxury. And, can you blame them? No one in their sane mind would buy new, highly priced fashion items unless they are, I don’t know, Jeff Bezos, you know the CEO of (his net worth actually spiked in the pandemic). Second-hand luxury clothing market is therefore expected to be the right choice for customers as well as investors right now.

Another upside of this is the vintage luxury pieces you only get on these resale platforms. If you are a fashion fanatic, you’ll get the obsession of hoarding those hard-to-find luxury fashion items that were huge in the 80s or 70s but have been taken off from the market. There is a huge demand for these preowned vintage fashion goods that you can only get on genuine consignment store or a resale platform like FarFetch and The Luxury Closet.

Mona Kattan said, “I have always been an advocate of circular fashion and I am very excited about our endeavors with The Luxury Closet.” She said how the sisters used to rely on preloved fashion items back in the day when they started out with Huda Beauty. She said, “At the beginning of our entrepreneurial journey, we did not have the means to purchase (luxury) items and thus opted for vintage and second-hand shops,”

The Luxury Closet and Huda Beauty collaboration aims to bridge this gap and make expensive fashion items available and accessible for their customers. “I’m very pleased to be part of the board alongside like minded individuals and a business that offers a unique service that fills a major gap in the market,” Mona said in a statement.

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I think this concept is really cool and need of the hour. If there’s one thing we’ve learnt in the pandemic is to be conscious of what and how we spend our money. The preloved fashion is an alternative to fast fashion which doesn’t even let you compromise on your style statement, but is an eco-friendly and ethical fashion choice. I mean, you could get your hands on the luxury fashion pieces at a fraction of its true cost and support slow and sustainable fashion while looking like a billion bucks. In India, the preloved clothing market is still in the early stages of its inception but is growing with luxury rental start-ups popping up every year like The Stylease and Flyrobe. In the spirit of vocal for local, why don’t check them out?

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