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Having Sex At Least Once A Week Increases Your Life Span. Single Indian Women Be Like, ‘Kya Karun Mein, Mar Jaaun?’

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There’s something about this year that feels so inauspicious. I am genuinely scared of 2020 because this year may seem uneventful since we were all locked up within the walls of our solitude, but it really wasn’t. The shifts that happened in the lives of people may or may not have been too easy to spot but they did occur. Something in me changed too, as I looked at life from a more detached perspective and realised what really matters to me. Yes, freedom, love, security, and sex – I want it all. I realised that eventually, you really do have to do what your heart desires and gives you peace.

Casual sex lost its charm for me. My perspective of relationships became clearer and in the end, I realised that my relationship with myself is the most important. So while I love my family dearly and that cutie is so so tempting, I know what decisions I need to make for myself. Toughies but important. So maybe someday I will move out and live on my own and not let my emotions inhibit my personal growth. It’s just so liberating and empowering – taking care of yourself, learning to be alone, managing your time and space, etc. In fact, it also makes the way you bond with romantic interests with more freedom. Wouldn’t you bond better if you are able to cuddle and watch Netflix? Wouldn’t you feel more sexually empowered when you can explore sex without someone monitoring you or restricting you?

Sex is really a boon since it has so many health benefits. We talk so much about mental health as well as physical well-being. We are concerned about our hormones and stress-relief. And we have one thing that does make it all better. But here we are attaching so much taboo to it that a panacea seems like poison to many. If you are single, our culture makes it feel illegal to indulge in sex. Why? Don’t we have the right to the happy hormones it gives us? Aren’t we all here in the pursuit of health and happiness?

Recently, a study revealed that having sex can actually increase your life span and also improve your chances of survival in case of a heart attack. In fact, even the effects of the heart attack will be milder in people who have regular sex. I guess single Indian women have no chance at this potent solution.

The New England Research Institute conducted a 22-year long study on 1120 men and women under the age of 65. “Regular intercourse may not only cut down the risk of heart disease but also reduce its unpleasant symptoms later. Active sex life also increases the chances of survival after the heart attack,” reports ToI

I like how the Godsent people keep coming up with these amazing studies. They do years and years of research, trying to make a point, based on data and science. Yet here we are, as a society, acting like langoors and refusing to believe a single thing they say. Like what do you mean the earth is round? My kaakaaji sat under the sacred peepal tree and said it is flat so it is. What do you mean regular sex can help a person survive a heart attack and live a long healthy life? What about izzat being a woman’s gehna and all that? People will blatantly refuse to believe any of this but they will vouch the sounds they heard in the middle of the night wasn’t of a cat but of a chudail crying. Bahut nainsaafi hai.

So if you have hope and possibilities working for you, here’s how often you should have sex for its magical healing properties to actually work. People who have sex at least once a week are 28% less likely to succumb to a heart attack. That is eight per cent higher than people who have regular sex but less than once a week. “People who had sex more than weekly were 33 percent less likely to die, and people who had sex less than once a week were 28 percent less likely to die. The optimal amount was therefore weekly sex, which increased survival odds by 37 percent,” reports

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Another study by the same institute over a period of 16 years states that “a low frequency of sexual activity (once a month or less) was associated with increased risk of CVD, and that men who had sex twice a week or more were at 50% reduced risk of having a heart attack.”

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