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Got Dark Circles From All The Zoom Meetings And Online Classes? Cool! ‘Cause They Are The Latest Beauty Trend

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The world of social media is baffling. And, so is the world of beauty. When these two meet, unexpected and interesting things happen. And, they aren’t always bad though. While some could really leave you scratching your head, others are pretty exciting and empowering. Remember the freckle trend? The beauty feature that was considered a flaw for years, prompting women to cover up their freckles, became a hot beauty trend overnight. And, before we knew it, people were actually doodling the spots on their face. That was powerful! Something of the sorts happened recently on TikTok but this time, it was a more complex and common imperfection that almost everyone is cursed with regardless of colour, race and even gender. We are talking about dark circles and undereye bags. However, this TikTok trend which goes by the name under-eye trend is turning our worst beauty nightmare into a rage and we love it. 

After spending 12-16 hours on my screen and having a messed up sleep schedule during the lockdown last year, dark circles became another one of my beauty woes. It’s pretty great to know that now people are embracing the shadows under their eyes and in fact, drawing them over to normalise this so-called flaw. It was a TikToker who started this trend but it was far from intentional. Sara-marie Carstens (@sarathefreeelf) on TikTok, uploaded a video in which she is drawing under-eye bags with a brown lip color. However she only did it because she was bored. While replying to a user who commented on her video she wrote, “suddenly my insecurity is ✨trendy✨.” “I wasn’t trying to make fun of your insecurity, because I have the same insecurity,” they said. “I wasn’t trying to make a trend out of it, I was just bored.” She has uploaded the same post on Instagram and captioned it, “Embracing insecurities.” Even though it was a fluke, this beauty trend is one of the most empowering and revolutionary to have existed. It has our vote!     

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This TikTok driven trend soon picked up and people started making their eye bags “designer”. From using colours to creative aesthetics, decorative dark circles became the hottest beauty trend. Although some people took serious offense with the trend, saying that dark circles and pigment under eyes are something they have been insecure about and mocked for all their life and seeing it becoming a “trend” all of a sudden is insulting. They linked it with the controversial fox eye trend which was criticised by Asians who had been bullied for their distinctive features that now was a trend. However, dark circles isn’t something that happens to people of certain race and ethnicity and the way I see it as long as a ridiculous beauty notion or insecurity is being embraced and appreciated, we’ll take it.

All my life, I have struggled with dark circles too and felt the need to cover up with a concealer. But, they are pretty stubborn and tough to get rid of. Why not normalise them when we have the chance? Slamming a trend that is only turning insecurities will get us nothing. With this under-eye trend, women are making their life-long beauty issue their most beautiful beauty feature. It demonstrates that nothing, be it dark circles or any other imperfection that us women are conditioned to hate on face or body, could be beautiful and appealing if we think it to be. Nothing needs to be covered up with makeup. I’ll be accentuate and enhancing my “flaw” from now on, whether they are in trend or not.

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