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#Culture: Dolphin Skin Is The Newest Trend That’s Making Waves In The Beauty Circuit. Here’s How You Can Achieve It.

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It almost seemed like beauty trends came to a halt just like our lives in the coronavirus outbreak. In the name of trends, all we got was a boost in skincare and eye makeup but that’s pretty much about it. (Yawn) Boring! As a self-proclaimed beauty buff I was dying for some swoon-worthy makeup looks and trends to recreate but to my dismay, there were none. It’s not entirely anyone’s fault either if you think about it since everyone was confined to their homes satiating their beauty hunger by playing up their eye makeup over the mask, going without a lipstick and channeling all their energy on skincare binges.

But finally, we’ve got a new trend on the block that’s making quite the splash. It is a makeup trend that has us swimming in happy tears. Okay I’ll stop with the water puns now. It is dolphin skin that’s glossy, glistening and clear like the water. I swear that was the last one. After butter skin, flashbulb skin and glass skin, dolphin skin is the latest addition to the base makeup trends in the dewy skin category. And, mind you, it has absolutely nothing to do with animal cruelty, dolphins aren’t harmed in this one. The gorgeous glossy look got its name from the flipper as it looks ethereally similar to the out-of-water look that the dolphins have, only prettier and human-like.

You have makeup artist Mary Phillips to thank for the trend and its name. He created the look similar to “how you’d imagine your face looking after a dip in the pool—slick, sun-kissed, and a little slippery.” Glossy, clear and luminous base makeup has been around for quite some time now, but I am particularly digging this 2020 edition of shiny skin for its natural sun-kissed glow and flushed cheeks. Check out some of the gorgeous dolphin skin looks we picked from Instagram.

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The dolphin skin trend is all about looking like a million bucks. The trend was coined by celeb make-up artist Mary Phillips whose clientele consists of Hailey, Kendall, Bella, Priyanka, and Kim’s skin so shiny, it looks wet to the contact. consider you just immerse on crystal clear water. #makeup #makeupartist #makeupaddict #makeuplover #makeupjunkie #makeuptutorial #makeupforever #makeupbyme #makeupoftheday #makeuplook #makeupart #makeupblogger #makeuplove #makeupartistsworldwide #makeupgeek #makeupmafia #makeupvideo #makeuplovers #makeupvideos #makeupblog #makeupartistworldwide #makeupgoals #makeuppop #Makeupdolls #makeuplife #makeupgirl #makeupobsessed #dolphinskin Image Courtesy:

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Sunshine on a cloudy day @haileybieber ☀️🍯 @jenatkinhair @stylememaeve #makeupbymaryphillips using @bareminerals – breakdown below! 1️⃣ Used the Latte Gen Nude Eyeshadow Palette and blended Solstice onto the lid with The Blender Brush + under the eye with Smoky Smudger 2️⃣Also used Crimson Sunset from The Bounce & Blur Palette to add warmth to the eye. 3️⃣ Thinly lined lash line with Micro Precision Eyeliner in Accurate Espresso & smudged it out with the Smoky Smudger Brush 4️⃣Lashtopia Mega Volume Mineral Based Mascara on top Lashes 5️⃣Love Every Lash Micro Defining Mascara on bottom lashes 6️⃣Brow Master Sculpting Pencil in Honey 7️⃣GenNude Under Over Lip Liner in Freestyle 8️⃣Mineralist Hydra-Smoothing Lipstick in Presence & Focus 9️⃣Gen Nude Powder Blush in Lets Go Nude + Bounce and Blur Coral Cloud 🔟 Endless Summer Bronzer in Warmth 1️⃣1️⃣ Endless Glow Highlighter in Free #baremineralspartner #haileybieber

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To achieve this exact look, imagine yourself out by the pool on a sunny day. You’d have slippery and shiny skin with sun-kissed glow on your cheeks and a subtle flush. That’s exactly what you are aiming for. You have to create a flawless and glowy base makeup. Not to worry, it’s quite simple. All you got to have is some (read: a good amount of) highlighter and a pretty luminous one at that and your basic face makeup products. I suggest you get a liquid highlighter for smooth blend and visibly glowy result. Let me give you a quick step-by-step to recreate the look yourself.

Start with a clean face and make sure you prep and prime your skin. Use a small amount of moisturise, blend and use a pea size amount of primer over it. I can’t stress enough how important this step is for the perfect base makeup. Moisturiser and primer not only let makeup products blend better and easily on your face but also keep them from drying out your skin. Once you’ve moisturised and primed, a dollop of foundation evenly on your skin and blend with the help of a beauty blender. Do your usual base makeup including concealer under the eyes and colour corrector to hide any imperfections and dark spots on face and blend seamlessly.

Here’s the fun part. Apply a healthy amount of highlighter on the highest points of your face where light strike like your cheekbones, bridge of nose, centre of the forehead and chin. Pay some extra attention to the tip of the nose to make it look shiny and cute like a button. Next on, get your blush and pack it on the apple of your cheeks and nose for a natural flush. And, you are done. You could also mix your liquid highlighter with your foundation or throw in some glow drops and blend it on your face. That creates an evenly shiny and glossier look too.

Once you are done, your skin should look hydrated, plump and super shiny as if you just came out of the ocean. Finish with a shine boosting setting spray to amplify the dewy look. Don’t worry, the whole dolphin skin look is  entirely about flaunting illuminating skin that could be seen from space. Plus, it looks equally stunning every skin tone since glossy, visibly healthy and glowing skin flatters all. So are you diving in for this trend? I know I am.

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