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These Two Toners Are Delivering On Their Promise Of Giving Me Smooth, Clear Skin And I Love It

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Hello and welcome back to my TED Talk, the topic for today will be toners. Yes, no one has ever given a talk on these which is precisely why I think it’s a great idea. So, for some of you who are new to the world of beauty and skincare all, I’d like to say is welcome and there is no way for you to get out of it. So let me really break it down. What does a toner really, really do? The role of a toner in a skincare routine is to tone your skin. Look, I said I would tell you what it does, not that I would do it well.  The result will be on your cotton pad. Sometimes these toners embarrass you to another level. Make you look like you barely wash your face. But considering the city we live in, even the furniture gets dusty within a day of cleaning so this is just our face that is a canvas for clouds of dust. And after cleaning, toners work to really take off the dirt and grime. And of course, help take out the gunk from your pores so your skin can absorb the stuff you’re going to put on it after.

I was once binging on youtube and watching this blogger-influencer-dermat (?) and he said that it doesn’t matter in what order you use your toner. He also mentioned that if you use your toner post-cleansing and there is still dust and grime that comes out then your face wash is a problem. If your face wash is doing the job, then you’re only worried about the toner, so, I have picked out the two best toners that will give you an instant glow!

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Goodall recently launched in India and I was really keen on trying the brand out. Like I have mentioned like a billion times, I love Korean anything – beauty, skincare, men *drools*. I just had to give their Vita C range a try so I purchased their toner which I think is not too expensive. I mean Rs 1850 is decent for 70 pads. The product comes in a cute yellow container that is covered with silver foil so the liquid doesn’t leak out. It also comes with a transparent tong which makes the removal of the pad that are stuck to each other so much easier. Each side of the pad is different; one has a design on it while the other side is plain. The designed part obviously doesn’t hurt the skin at all. My only problem was that the pad had too much liquid which hurt my heart to waste. So, I squeezed it back into the container. Yeah, just Indian things. Anyhoo, once I saved a few bucks I rubbed the toner across my face. Let me tell you that  I hadn’t used a face wash. I just splashed some water on my face. So, it was obvious that there will be a lot of dirt coming off my face and it did, but after rubbing the toner across my face was feeling fresh and it instantly started to glow. My mother had to wear her sunglasses and speak to me. As if you’ve not exaggerated a little.  I did see the difference and my skin was happier. There was no itch or tingling which I was expecting. The product is free of 20 harmful ingredients and ethanol and is infused with fresh Jeju Green Tangerine, which is apparently found for only 4 weeks, and other great ingredients. How cool is that? This makes a really good product for those with sensitive skin.

Next up is, Kiehl’s’ Calendula Toner. This is actually one of the best products of Kiehl’s apart from the Midnight recovery and Ultra Facial cream. The toner deserves more recognition tbh. It comes in a tall bottle and is almost the colour of honey but smells really delicious. I mistook the toner for a drink and was almost about to cleanse my internal system with it. Okay, jokes apart, the best part about this toner is that even though it has an opening at the top it still won’t pour out in a manner that will end up with you wasting a lot of it. It lets me take as much as I want, but you have to make an effort to squeeze it out a little. So, what does this toner do? It helps you reduce the pores on your skin, you will see the result if you continue to use this on a daily. It helps smoothen and refresh the skin, making it glow. Because the product is alcohol-free it doesn’t sting over the pimple I had popped (CAUTION: Do not try this at home or anywhere at all). And definitely takes off all the dust and grime that are hanging on with their life on your skin. The product is infused with natural ingredients which is perfect for all skin types, especially oily and sensitive skin. The price may be on the higher side, but if the product is actually doing wonders for your skin then I think this is worth the investment for sure. Try it yourself and find out.

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