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The Hydrating Collection From Pixi Is Making My Skin Glow-y, Soft, And Smooth. I Am Sold On It

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If you’ve been following the beauty community on youtube and Insta, you know that there are few products from Pixi beauty that are absolutely cult. Like their glow tonic. Of course, not all the products from the brand get the same amount of hype. Which is sad because I tried a bunch of products from their hydration line and I think these three products that will change your life. Fine, thoda dramatic hogaya, but please understand my emotions because I am loving how these products have worked for me.

I mean I would moisturise, wash, apply serums and follow a very dedicated skincare routine, but it’s like their products took to my skin almost instantly. It’s like they were manufactured in a factory set up specifically to cater to my skin. So, like I was saying I tried their glow tonic and loved it but  Pixi also has a hydrating milky collection that’s specially designed for people with sensitive skin. I mean, you guys are absolutely going to love them.

I started off my skincare routine with their cleanser. All you have to do is dampen your face and take a little bit of the cleanser, which by the way smells delicious af! As soon as I opened the lid of the tube it had a very mild and refreshing smell. Like a coconut, but not too much. I took an pea-sized amount of the product over my two fingers and I gently started rubbing my face and I realised just a little bit of it would have been enough for my face. It was foamy and my face looked like a bubble mask. You can rinse off the product with water or wipe it off using a damp cloth. I was taken aback by the result because it instantly made my face glow-y, soft and smooth. My skin felt refreshed and healthy. For Rs. 1950 I think this product delivered amazing results, so it’s definitely worth the price.

I got really excited and jumped onto the second product which was the Pixi Hydrating Milky Peel. Okay, don’t laugh but I thought this was a peel-off mask *laughs sheepishly*. Turns out the peel is a face scrub. When I hear the word scrub my mind instantly goes to the harshness of scrub on one’s skin. And the face has specially sensitive skin so I was a little wary . I squeezed a little bit of the product on my hand and it was very flowy and liquid-y with tiny granules in it. I gently started scrubbing it on my face in a circular motion and it absolutely didn’t hurt my skin. The granules were soft and helped get rid of any leftover dirt or grime. The scrub made me look like I didn’t take a shower in years. Which isn’t true…or is it? I rinsed my face with water and my face felt like a soft cushion and VERY CLEAN. And after all this scrubbing and cleansing one would think that the skin would get dry but to my surprise, that didn’t happen at all. My face felt moisturised and soft and I couldn’t stop playing with my own cheeks. Sad and weird, but true. The price of this product is Rs. 2600. I mean, while it did amazing things to my skin, I feel this is a tad bit expensive for the ml. But if you are willing to pay that much then don’t hold yourself back from buying this product.


And to end this skincare routine we have the Pixi Hydrating Milky Serum. While I was applying the serum on my mum she actually made a very valid point about serums having that one type of smell. This serum smells ayurvedic and rosey and I am not sure how to explain or come to a conclusion about the smell of this product. But that is really not important.  I was scared it would’ve made my face greasy af, but instead, it absorbed slowly and steadily and gave me a natural glow with amazing skin. The pump of the serum doesn’t consume enough product to drop over your skin. Feels like this could be a skincare EMI, which I found was very inconvenient for me at least. But regardless of that the glow on my face stayed till the next day. The price of this product is Rs. 2400, and I feel that this one is pricey but because serums are expensive and this is just fine to invest in.

I feel like because the products have a lot of natural ingredients it makes it a skincare BFF for everyone out there with sensitive skin. I had no breakouts or side effects with their products. Just an amazing glow-y and soft skin! These skincare products are worth investing in!

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