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Katrina Kaif’s Kay Beauty Campaign Is Strikingly Similar To Kim Kardashian’s. Co-incidence? We Think Not!

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Whoever has spent enough time in or around the Bollywood industry, know one thing for sure and that is, that this is perhaps one of the most unpredictable professions out there. Especially when it comes to the women. You can scale new heights if you make all the right moves – in terms of your roles and image-building. But if you don’t, the industry won’t take long to forget you. In fact, what’s worse is that with age, the number of roles you get become limited and you also feel monotony kicking in. Which is why, several actors try expanding their horizons. I mean that is not the only reason. But expansion definitely helps you find more than one way to remain in focus. Especially because they have that kind of funds! Like Ayushmann Khurrana recently invested in a men’s grooming brand, Katrina Kaif launched her own cosmetic line – Kay Beauty.

Now while we want to go ahead and congratulate the actress for a smart move on her part, to also invest in another line than just acting, we wouldn’t be able to do so without pointing out her very elementary mistake in the process. And this because, the Bharat actress has not just been unoriginal with launching her own beauty line, but also while conceptualising it. She faced quite some backlash and questions on social media over the very recent comparisons that have been made between the striking similiarities in Katrina and Kim Kardashian’s beauty brand campaign posters.

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Being called out by many netizens for ripping off of Kim’s campaign ideas, the actress was put under a siege of questions about the same. During one such interview with The Quint, Katrina finally addressed the allegations and replied by saying, “Well, great minds think alike. That’s all I can say.” She might as well have nodded a big yes to that, because honestly that is what was missing.

Now, we get it that being in the same genre of things, there is bound to be some overlap of ideas and it’s not a big deal. But being inspired by something and exactly ripping it off, are two very different things. The kinds that people with access to almost everything around the world will not only be quick to catch, but also to point out. And considering no one knows it better than the who’s who of film fraternity, we did not expect this elementary mistake from Katrina. And even if we were to believe that the shot is too common after all, she should’ve known better than to go for what’s already out there. In fact, is it possible that she wasn’t as involved in the campaign as she should have been? It’s possible but doesn’t make it any better.

Guess Diet Sabya’s post about the uncanny similarity in the two campaigns was enough to spark a controversy and the Kat is well out of the bag now. He wrote in his caption, “Gandi art direction or coincidence? Choose one,” to which several people had commented at how this was too similar to be a co-incidence. And we wouldn’t lie, it does seem that way. Guess it’s ‘Kay To Be You’ if you is KKW!

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