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Kate Middleton’s Royal Hair Goes On Tour

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While her sartorial choices lead to instant sell-outs and crashed sites, Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton’s hair is also a talking point for all the royal watchers out there. Her royal tresses have developed a celebrity status all their own and even have a cult following on the internet. The minutest switches Kate makes become news and gets noticed by legions of followers around the world over. It’s only obvious then that a style file dedicated solely to HRH’s lovely locks on her 2016 India Tour are in order, no?

1. The Knotted Half-Up Hairstyle

The Dutchess of Cambridge often wears her hair in a half-up-half-down style. What I like is the little switches her beloved hairdresser Amanda Cook Tucker does to make the style stand out. For a special meet-and-greet event that also involved a spot of archery in Bhutan, Kate’s hair was wrapped in some intricate twists and the ends were tied up in a double knot before being pinned in place.


2. The Kate Blowout



What’s a royal visit without a sighting of the signature Kate blowout? Unimaginable! Kate Middleton’s blow-dried-to-perfection hair is legendary and there’s every reason for it to be so. Who else can trek three hours in the scorching sun and play cricket in high heat and humidity and still have hair that looks this fabulous?


3. Curled To Perfection

If my hair looked this chic while getting off a flight, I swear I would die in peace. Even a five-minute nap can make my tresses look like a bird’s nest. Let’s observe a moment’s silence for the gloriousness that is the royal hair!


4. Low Chignon

Another classic Kate hairstyle is her low-dos. For a visit to the Mark Shand Foundation, she wore her hair in a deep side part that was gathered at the nape in a topsy-turvy low-do. I think the addition of those twisted strands was an interesting element. The low rolled bun she wore for the gala in Mumbai was effortlessly beautiful too!


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