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Here Are 5 DIY Beauty Products You Can Easily Whip Up With The Ingredients In Your Kitchen. Psst…It Also Includes Lipstick

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Okay, I will not start with my story about how bored I am during this lockdown all over again. My editor says it’s not cool but you guys love to read the same thing over and over again, right? Please, let her know that. But hey, right now that is all I can talk about. I mean, do we have anything better to do anyway? Except fighting with our parents because we all know we can live with them only till a certain point and then you are at each other’s throats. Well, it’s the same case everywhere.

First of all, my mum thinks that this is a vacation for me. You know the summer vacays we would get in school? Yeah, somehow it’s the same thing for her. She makes me do things as if I don’t have to be available for WFH. If I say I am working, she thinks I am lying. At this point, I have stopped trying to tell her about my work and the concept of work from home. So, I decided that if I need to avoid any fights with my parents then I will have to occupy myself other than work. And since I miss buying all the beauty products so I thought why not just DIY it? At least then my mum will think I am not that useless after all. If you are in the same situation as me and miss buying beauty products are here are 5 products you can DIY with the ingredients from the kitchen.

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Lip Scrub

Lip scrubs are known to make your lips look luscious af because of the sugar that helps you get rid of the dead skin and adds some oomph to your lips! All you will need is olive oil, lemon, sugar, and a small jar to put your scrub in. Mix the ingredients in a small bowl, swirl it around till it is mixed, give it a good scrub, and voila you now have kissable lips.


Hair mask

Quarantine or not, you should never have a bad hair day. For me, if I have a bad hair day then I also end up having a bad day. So, I thought why not whip up a mask in my kitchen that will keep my hair soft, nourished and healthy? All you will need is coconut oil, castor oil, aloe vera gel and honey. The amalgamation of all these ingredients is perfect as they help with nourishment and growth!

Face scrub

Dry skin, acne, and blackheads are like those uninvited guests who come and decide to never leave. We have all come across these problems but there isn’t always a solution for it. So, we at Hauterfly did a little something to help you out. All you will need are rice and lemon; coffee and oil (according to your skin type); green tea and honey. While we don’t know if this is the solution to dealing with your parents, but it will solve all your skin problems and hey! that’s something.



As a lipstick lover, I am dying to buy lipsticks for myself. At this point, I will blindly pick out any colour and pay for it as well. Instead of being stupid, I found an easier way out, which is to DIY my lipstick. All you will need is a pack of the crayon so you can play around with colours and coconut oil.



Some of us like to smell good all the time, even when we are at home. And with the quarantine, it’s difficult to stock up on something that’s seemingly as irrelevant as a deodorant. So, why not just DIY it? All you will need is coconut oil, aluminium free baking soda and essential oil of your choice and voila you are gonna smell like a dream!

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