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Despite The Lockdown, Your Skin Could Use Some TLC. Try These DIY Facials That Will Have You Glowing

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Hello, my friends in quarantine. I hope you are all doing well and being smart by staying at home. If yes, then congratulations! As a reward, you and your family shall not get Coronavirus. I know that the lockdown has got us all bored and worked up because there is literally nothing to do. I am definitely out of things to do and so I decided that it was about time I wrote an article to get rid of boredom. Well, it really is helping. But for those who aren’t even working from home, how are things looking for you?

Okay, I can feel the death stare. Don’t worry things are going to look a lot less boring for you because I have an exciting piece for all those are overeating out of boredom. Stop that human, you are not hungry! For those who have always given an excuse to not have time to take care of their skin, well now you have all the time in the world. So, knock yourself out with these DIY facials. Because even if you’re at home, you still need to take care of your skin.

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The people over at Forest Essentials recommend a facial once a week and while it certainly has the CTM, it should definitely include other steps, including…

Exfoliation. For this, the people at Forest Essentials suggest using their organic fruit scrub which contains fermented fruits like date and apricot and finely milled almond, so it gently exfoliates the dead skin, removes tan and leaves skin polished.

For an added glow, though they recommend that the ladies with acne-prone skin not use this, they suggest  Tejasvi Emulsion.This massage balm is specially made with aged cow’s ghee and Ayurvedic herbs to deeply nourish and brighten the skin while reducing pigmentation and boosting collagen, to restore skin’s natural glow.

The people over at Ananda In The Himalayas also told us how to do your DIY facial at home and aloe vera and rose figured strongly in their routine. For a scrub, they suggested going with natural sandalwood dust or almond meal, mixed with a pinch of the Ananda Aloe Vera gel that has rose distillate in it. Make it into a smooth paste and apply on the neck & face in circular movements, going both clockwise and anti-clockwise.

With the mercury soaring, they also recommended going for clay mask and we particularly like the mineral-rich kerala clay and antiseptic sandalwood that helps balance and restore, while the soothing rose in the formulation softens and calms the skin.

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