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Celebrity Skin Expert Teresa Tarmey Debunks Major Skincare Myths And We Are Shook!

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Depending on who you ask, the secret behind healthy and beautiful skin can differ A LOT! While the internet has become a cesspool of tips/hacks about skincare, it has also sprouted misconceptions about the same. So while it might be okay to experiment, it also could wreak havoc on your skin. Fortunately, we got a chance to cut through the clutter and had a tête-à-tête with world-renowned skincare expert Teresa Tarmey who shed light on some commonly spread skincare myths!

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The woman behind many flawless faces like Kate Moss and Bella Hadid, Teresa’s clients rely on her for red-carpet ready skin. She has launched her first skin studio at The Four Seasons, Mumbai and we wanted to pick her brains a bit.

Known for her use of technologies like Radio Frequency, Cryotherapy and Cryoball, Teresa is well-versed with clinical skin treatments and overall skincare. She spoke to us about some skincare myths women, especially Indian women might believe and here is the TL;DR!

Myth: Natural And DIY Remedies Are Always Effective

According to Teresa, home remedies are great but may not be the ultimate answer for everyone. She suggests a combined approach of natural ingredients coupled with technology-driven treatments. With the right balance, this approach will give faster results. “I’m not a fan of essential oils either, in my eyes they should not be used on the face, only the body. They can make the skin sensitive and dry out the skin.”, she said. Wait, what? *looks accusingly at essential oil bottle*

Humidity Is Always A Bad Thing For Our Skin

Monsoon season is upon us and we are already getting tonnes of advice on how to avoid the oily skin that’s an accompaniment! Teresa believes that it could actually be a good thing, the humidity.  The only thing we should be worried about is the dirt and pollution. The only monsoon care we need is cleansing and hydration. “Also, to make sure you’re wearing SPF every day, even if it’s raining.”, she cautioned!

We Should Rush To Dermat Every Time There Is An Issue

Many women have the habit of rushing to their dermatologist every time a skin issue presents itself. Teresa recommends replacing this habit with a holistic and wholesome skincare routine instead. She said, “Your skin is really about what’s going on in the inside. Diet, sleep and lifestyle are a huge impact on the skin.”

Clinical Treatments Can Do More Bad Than Good

If we poll 100 Indian women, more than half them would say they are intimated by clinical skin treatments. Teresa says that fear is totally unfounded. She suggests clinical treatments to keep the skin in ship shape in the long run. She revealed, “Skin takes time and patience. The best advice to follow is only to do what you actually need for your skin type and woes so you can combat them, getting a consultation from the right person can help you understand these needs and explain what are the treatments you need and more importantly why.”

Using Too Many Products Can Be Bad For Our Skin

Our moms have had the talk with us about the evils of putting “too much stuff” on our faces. But For Teresa, that actually bodes as a good skin habit. “I believe the best tip is choosing a combination of skincare products that rejuvenates your skin!” She herself uses a concoction of Retinol, followed by an SPF to show her skin some love. This followed by the usual, but helpful, tip of always keeping the skin hydrated. 


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