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Get Your Workout Skincare Right! Celebrity Expert Jamuna Pai Dishes Out The Deets.

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Yes, we get it, working out is amazing! After years of denial, getting into, falling out and then starting it again, we have finally found a workout regime that works for us and this has us not only looking good but feeling good as well. At a personal level, my energy levels are higher, I am more positive and cheery and all of this is a good thing.

But the journey to fitness has not been an easy one. Turns out, you can’t just get up and get running one morning, there is a lot to take care of. Skincare, for instance. Our skin and hair are the most ignored assets during workouts and frankly, there is nobody to blame. We were under the impression that our usual routine can hold up against our body pumped up from physical activity. Apparently not.

We collected some insights from Dr Jamuna Pai, cosmetic physician, author, and founder – SkinLab, about proper skin care during workouts and she had some very interesting things to say.

Increased activity from physical exercise raises our heart rate and ensures that blood surges through the blocked and/or resistant capillaries to reach the skin. Which is why after a workout session, we look flushed and in pink of health. And our skin is shining and fresh. Additionally, the ‘happy hormones’ – endorphins, dopamine and serotonin are also released.

Pre- Workout Prep

According to Dr Pai, the top priority at the gym should be total comfort. When it comes to working out, it’s a good idea to remove makeup before hopping on to the exercise machine. When sweat mixes with dirt, oils, or makeup on your face, it can lead to clogged pores, which can lead to breakouts. Going makeup free also helps the skin to breathe through open pores. If it’s absolutely necessary to get some coverage, opt for a light, mineral-based makeup as an alternative.
While you may be lead to think otherwise, Jamuna Pai recommends applying a lightweight, water-based moisturiser formulated for your skin type before a workout.
Pro Hack: Applying skin treatments before a workout can really seep them into our skin since our opens open up wide!

Things To Remember During The Workout

Dr Pai can’t stress this enough but never touch the face during a workout. Bacteria breeds on sweaty equipment and if we touch our face just once, we’re transferring germs directly to the skin, potentially leading to breakouts and skin infections. It is good to keep an anti-bacterial soap or a sanitiser handy and re-sanitise every time you are done with a machine. A quick wipe down of the handles can go a long way.  A rule of thumb should be to never share personal items such as hairbrushes, roll-on deodorant, towels, makeup and water bottles.

Post Workout Care

The longer the sweat is on our body and face, the increased chance there is that it gets into the pores and attracts dead skin cells and bacteria, so a quick wash is recommended. If washing is not an option, a face mist or a spray can be used. It is recommended not to scrub post a gym session. It’ll do more harm than good. Post-workout skin is especially delicate and prone to micro-abrasions, so using a gentle cleanser instead of a harsh exfoliant to refresh the skin. It is also recommended to wait for at least 10 to 15 minutes before heading for a cleansing shower. This will allows the body to cool down before bathing.

Quick Tips And Hacks

  • Applying a gentle, nurturing serum post-workout can help with redness and blemishes, and encourage a healthy glow.
  • To avoid washing hair daily, dry shampoo can be used to keep the scalp clean and hair more manageable.
  • It is better to pat dry and not rub vigorously. Sometimes towelling hard can irritate skin, particularly if your face gets really red when you workout.



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