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#BrokeBeautyLover: A Makeup Sponge That Costs Only Rs.150 And Works Like A Dream? I Found It

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I am someone who will spend hours on shopping apps, add everything I like to cart and then review whatever I have added, take a moment to cry at how empty my bank balance is and take off some products from the cart because I am the queen of gareeb if I may say so myself. I know that at this point, a lot of you even relate to me. We have all been there, done that and continue to do so.

So, you already know how much I love spending all that cash on makeup and skincare. An eye shadow palette that I would have to give my left foot for? Okay, here take it. Walking is so over-rated anyway.

And let me tell you, it doesn’t end at buying just makeup and beauty products, nope, I have to go the whole hog. I need brushes and tools and gadgets. It’s getting out of hand, honestly. There was a point where I would obsessively spend on brushes because one brush isn’t enough. Heck, even 14 brushes aren’t enough. I need a brush to kind of oversee all the brushes I already have. But see, I use a lot of brushes. But the ones I really struggle with are the foundation brushes. I have tried them all and nothing ever gave me the perfect blend. It would always be streaky and I had skid marks on my face. Yeah, not pretty. So instead of looking for an alternative, I gave up on foundation. Yes, for the longest time I would go out without a base. Yes, my face is stunning as is, thank you very much.

My elder sister being the knowledgeable and the smart one suggested I use a beauty blender. I always saw bloggers using one of those, but I honestly thought they weren’t available in India and when I found out the cost of it, I was like who needs a beauty sponge the cost of which is almost as much as a down payment on a house?

Besides my usual whining at work, I also added in how much I needed a blending sponge to my list of complaints. Because my concealer looks funny, basically, my whole look would be either too much or too less because of my poor blending skills with a brush. So, my colleague was talking about how Blue Heaven’s beauty sponge was budget-friendly and amazing. I thought I would give it a try but never managed to step out of the house to buy it kyuki bohot aalas aata hai bro.

My colleague being the amazing person that she is, brought it for me instead *cries in tiny beauty blenders*. It was a sweet gesture and I was really looking forward to trying and testing it. I used it the next day to blend my concealer and OMG it blended like a dream. It was heaven. Not blue, but heaven.

The feel of the blender is kind of confusing, it’s not super smooth. But I shouldn’t have worried, once I wet it, it worked like it was born to do this. Which it was. Okay, that’s confusing. It practically doubles up in size (much like me over the weekend) and it feels smooth while blending, I could use it to calm myself down. When it blends I even moaned at how gorgeously it did the job for me. Yes, it was weird and no, no one important heard me. And the best part about this blender is that it’s only for Rs. 150, so that doesn’t hurt my pocket at all. I would recommend this to anybody who is in need of a blending sponge, with my eyes closed. With my legs up in the air on a vacation. You get the drift.

Also, stay tuned, I am coming back every Wednesday- me the #BrokeBeautyLover – with some great products and fabulous prices.


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