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Why Light Shades Of Nail Polish Is Bad For A Bride And Here Are Other Shades You Can Wear Instead

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Those who know me know the fact that I love my sister to the moon and back. And now that she is all set to tie the knot, I am very excited for her wedding! But as much as I adore her, I absolutely despise her choice of nail polishes. I understand soft shades look elegant but a little pop of colour has hurt nobody ever and even if it did, well, fuck them. If you are wondering what all this is about, then have a seat because it’s story-time.

My sister and I were chilling on a very hot afternoon sipping on tea. Hey, we are tea addicts; nothing can deter us from having garma-garam chai. Returning to the point, it was when we were discussing her trousseau and I happened to ask her what colour nail polish she would opt for and the words “nude nails” came out of her mouth. At that point, I gave her the dirtiest look she has probably ever received. That’s just not a bridal shade!

Now, wondering part 2 is probably going on in your head. I love neutral colours. They are so feminine and cute but as a bride, I would suggest you steer clear of such shades. Light nails tend to get stained by just about anything! So your pretty lilac might just end up looking a very patchy yellow and that’s not what we want! Here are some ways your light nail polish can betray you at your wedding!

  1. Haldi

Relatives are ruthless when it comes to applying haldi on the bride. I mean if it were in their hands they would probably dip you in a tanker full of haldi and then laugh at you. Now you may feel that it’s a punishment but that’s just how Indians show their enthusiasm for the wedding! We all know how haldi can instantly turn your white nail polish to yellow. Or any light shade for that matter.

2. Henna

Some people just love henna. They could go all out and still not be satisfied. I am those people and so is my sister. While I hate applying it to fingertips, my sister, on the other hand, loves that. But, mehendi artists aren’t perfect (like any of us) and will not always be able to save your nails from getting stained. And that’s one stain that won’t leave your nails for several days. Well, in that case, you can switch from neutral to a darker colour, but save that energy for your honeymoon. *wink wink*

3. Food Colouring

When you’re getting married, you get to eat the last! You stand there, and put on a smile when you’re just really hangry! And when you get to eat after a long sabbatical, etiquette is not on top of your concerns. All you want to do is dip your fingers in that delicious food and devour everything without worrying about table manners. Food infused with masalas is the worst because nothing stains as bad as a well-made curry. Trust me. So you end up leaving with nails that reveal your food choices.

4. Sindoor

Even though sindoor is not a part of where I come from, I am looking out for the other brides who can easily stain their beautifully fresh nails with ek chutki sindoor.

Now, that you think I have taken away your hopes of wearing pretty pastel nail polish, let me make it up by listing down a few other options to make your nails look glamourous AF even with hidden stains.

Before you call me crazy for picking this colour out, let me tell you how gorgeous it would look with your outfit. Okay, it may not go with your red outfit, but if you are wearing a silver lehenga for your wedding, then your nails will look killer AF!

You’d be lying if you didn’t agree with me on this shade. No, this shade isn’t a maroon, but a Bordeaux. Yeah, it took me a while to pronounce it as well. This is a shade that could go with all your outfits, from haldi to your D-day. This will stay strong and even if you have a stain or two, it won’t show up in your wedding pictures. Promise!

You should know that I am all about colours. And this orange is the perfect nail polish for you to wear for all your functions. This can be camouflaged as red for your wedding outfit and no one will be able to tell otherwise.

Add a bit of sparkle to your nails with a beautiful purple like this. Again, if you are wearing red for your wedding, then you can always avoid this shade, but if you are going for a lighter colour then I suggest you can at least paint your nails darker.

A pink is always welcomed in the makeup industry. I have lost count of just how many shades of pink I have in my vanity and this one is my most favourite.

Another summer shade that can be worn this wedding season and nobody is going to complain. All you have to worry about is eating that delicious buffet after hours of fake-smiling at people whom you don’t even know.

Last but not the least the classic ravishing red! I love 719 – Richness from Chanel. I mean just to look at because welcome to my broke life. A classic red will never disappoint you or go out of style or get stained.

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