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WATCH: Get Fit With The Uber Haute Art Of Pole Dancing

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Cool women doing cool things — that’s what Hauterfly is all about. As part of our haute new Women On Top series, we will be introducing you to some kickass women who are making huge strides in their fields. So watch, read, and get inspired because after all, we were all meant to shatter glass ceilings in our stilettos. 

We are well into the fitness month and for once, we are actually pretty serious about getting healthier. And a major reason for that is the onset of new and innovative methods of getting fit and fne. Most of us have ditched the gym and even Zumba is getting old. So this year, try something fun and unique, maybe pole training? No, it is more than just sexy moves on a pole. It is way more than your man’s fantasies come alive. It is a legit form of fitness that is slowly gaining traction and popularity across the world, India included.

28-year-old Mumbai resident, Aarifa Bhinderwala, is doing just that. With each passing day, she is showing the world how beautiful a form of fitness and art pole dancing is. Though there is no denying that pole makes you sensuous and graceful, it also has a number of health benefits. According to Aarifa, it strengthens your muscles, improves your grip, gives you glowing skin and is basically an all-rounder. Her bold journey started around 2 years ago in Perth, Australia, where, while visiting her sister, got bored of sitting idle at home. Yes, that’s how she enrolled at a pole training class and as they say, the rest is history. She came back to Mumbai with a degree and determination that she will make this art a sensation in her home country as well.

The first thing Aarifa did was she converted her room into a studio, christening it Pole Burnt, housing all of 5 poles. Of course, Aarifa had the constant support of her family, especially her mom, who ensured that her daughter didn’t lose hope. And some 50 students later, ranging from the ages 7 to 54, she has already achieved a fair bit, and is passionate for so much more.

We hear the mention of pole dancing and we immediately judge, eyebrows raised, assuming it’s an act of vulgarity. But Aarifa has been working towards changing that perception, one routine at a time. And we witnessed this determination when we met her for a quick chat. Her performance incites, peace, calm, and awe. In fact she says, “Pole is about connecting to your soul. It is a silence that isn’t awkward. It is sufi in nature and that is so beautiful”

And if you want to feel that, watch the video above and get a glimpse of this amazing woman who is warm, always smiling, and wants to keep poling at beaches! With every move she’ll makes, every word that she says, you will fall in love with pole dancing a bit more.


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