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These 7 Things Could Ruin Your Look At Your Wedding. Here’s What To Avoid.

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No bride wants to looks just average on her wedding day. After paying lakhs of rupees to wedding photographers to click every breathing moment during all the events, looking like a princess is on all of our lists. Looking the absolute best is priority. And as we scorch our way to the mandap, working out with a vengeance, eating right, avoiding the sun and basically doing everything in our control to look flawless, we might end up making a few blunders that can backfire and can make us look worse than our “I woke up like this” selfie. Here are 7 things that you absolutely must avoid a week before the wedding.

1. Botox

Trying to get the perfect lift for your face can be tempting enough to book an appointment for a botox treatment. Botox takes a few days to kick in and it would be pretty bad if your face is not lifted the right way, since there is no going back. Use makeup for a quick fix instead!

2. Major changes to your hair

While you do want to look fabulous, experimenting with hair colour during this time might not be the best idea. There is no going back! In that case if you chop your hair off till your shoulders and it doesn’t suit your face or body type, extensions might save the day but it can really be risky. Simply avoid any drastic changes to your hair before the wedding.

3. Teeth Whitening

Professionally whitened teeth can leave your gums extra sensitive and weak. Which means you might have to forego all the ice creams and sweets during the wedding to avoid the pain. Schedule this treatment a month in advance or just opt of natural home remedies like these.

4. Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are known to dissolve dead skin cells and reveal fresh/bright skin. Opt for a chemical peel at least 3 weeks before the wedding because at times it can react adversely on your skin and it can leave it dry and dehydrated. If you’re really want  glowing skin, then here are 7 ways to get glowing skin naturally.

5. Juice Cleanse

A liquid diet is the worst thing to do right before a wedding, since it can leave you hangry and cranky through it all. Juice cleanses can limit your energy (when you need it the most) and leave your irritated. Instead, opt for having a balanced meal and working out to keep the fat at bay. Also, a particularly bad idea given it’s an emotional time for you anyway.

6. Japanese straightening techniques

Avoid getting permanent straightening or re-bonding done before the wedding. Every third person we know gives into that treatment  to calm down the frizziness caused by the humidity in the climate. Any permanent treatment is a strict no-no, besides, the hairstylist will make your hair look flawless and you won’t have to do a thing.

7. Alcohol

Alcohol contains a lot of extra calories and sugar, which can leave your skin looking puffy and dehydrated on your D-day. Looking our best at the wedding is really important, to most of us. And these photographs are going to be around for a while, so ditch the alcohol for a week before the wedding to look your best.


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