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The Survival Kit You Need On Your Wedding Day!

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Outfits. Makeup. Hair. Diet. Guests. Music. There’s so much you want perfect on your wedding day. A last minute boo-boo can really throw a spanner in the works, ruining a lot of things. Last minute disasters can happen to the best of us, whether it is a broken zip on the blouse (gasp!) or your mascara running due to the humidity (hello there raccoon). A smart bride will be prepared for any emergency, with solutions in hand. Here are 10 thing you MUST have in your survival kit on the day of the wedding.

1. Makeup Minis

Invest in mini-sized products of all the makeup that you are using. This way, your survival kit is not a choc-o-bloc with random products but ones that you can use when you have a makeup breakdown or need something for last minute touch-ups.

2. Clear Nail polish

Whether it is a sudden crack in your nails or forcing a bindi to stay put on your forehead, clear nail polish is a saviour since it is multi-purpose and it hardly takes up any place.

3. Drinking straw

You have your makeup minis and you are wearing industrial strength lipstick. However, even the best lipsticks might bleed. Touching up on your lipstick every 20 minutes can be a task, especially if people are constantly feeding you food and drinks. Carry drinking straws with you to ensure that your lipstick doesn’t get smudged.

4. Granola Bars

There is definitely a difference between angry and hangry!  To ensure that you are eating well throughout the day, and have not gone in bridezilla mode, carry granola bars with you. Sneak in a snack every time you feel hungry. 

5. Mini-sewing kit

A tear in your dress can happen in a blink of an eye, so it is makes sense to have a mini-sewing kit handy.  From a needle and thread to a safety pin, carry all that you need!

6. Double-sided Tape

Whether it is your bra strap that has a mind of its own or your dupatta that needs to cover your cleavage, double-sided tape will be your knight in shining armour. Don’t leave your house without it.

7. Facial Tissues

There has been no wedding ever without the bride shedding a tear or two. Whether it is to wipe away the tears or dab off the sweat during the baarat, a pack of facial tissue should definitely make it to your survival kit.

8. Foldable flip flops

Adding a few inches to your frame is great for pictures and videos but wearing them through the ceremony or while you get down on the dance floor can be pretty painful. Make sure you have a pair of foldable slippers to make life easy and can ditch the heels!

9. Sanitary products

You never know when the visitor decides to come visit you, so you better be safe than sorry girl. Carry that pad, tampon, or menstrual cup in your survival kit in case the period decide to show up. *crosses fingers*

10. Mints

Bad breath can be a major turn off when you’re talking to someone, especially if you are going to be talking to so many guests. Carry a bunch of mints with you so that your breath is fresh at all times and you’re not remembered as the bride that assaulted people’s nostrils.


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