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Anushka Sharma Talks About Getting Married At 29 And We Think Her Reason Is Beyond Romantic!

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For the longest time, Bollywood worked on the principle of  ‘hide your feelings and your marital status’ because you wouldn’t be desirable if you were taken. And while actors still went ahead to bag roles regardless their age or married status, the apprehensions were usually only saved for the actresses. But now things are changing with actresses flipping the bird at these age old, conformist notions of desirability and marrying who they want, when they want. Exactly like Anushka Sharma, who got married at 29.

In an interview with Filmfare, the Zero actress, got candid about her love and life with husband Virat Kohli and shared why she felt inclined towards marriage even before she turned 30 in her life. Anushka said, “Our audience is way more evolved than our industry is. Audiences are just interested in seeing actors on screen. They don’t care about your personal lives, whether you’re married or whether you’re a mother. We need to get out of this headspace. I got married at 29, supposedly young for an actress. But I did it because I was in love. And I am in love.” And we won’t lie, we had tears in our eyes.

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The love that the couple has shared has been no secret over the years, especially the time leading up to their secret wedding, when nothing stood stronger than the bond and the faith they shared and the support they found in each other. Anushka continued to say, “Marriage was a natural progression. I’ve always stood for women being treated equally. So, I wouldn’t want to experience the most beautiful moment of my life with fear in mind. If a man doesn’t think twice before getting married and continues to work, then why should a woman think about it? I’m happy that more actresses have got married. People in love are going out there and expressing it. It’s so beautiful to see happy couples together.” And we agree, it’s truly beautiful to see two people in love get together.

Be it Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra or even the rumored marriage of Shraddha Kapoor , from once being a taboo, to now the norm, there’s no longer holding these women back. And in fact, actually enabling them to come into their own and do even better with their partner’s unconditional support and love.

Meanwhile while talking about her last project alongside of Shah Rukh Khan, the 31-year-old actress said, “While success does bring a sense of relief, you learn and grow the most with failure. You can tell a lot about a person with the way they behave after achieving success. Similarly, you can tell a lot about a person’s strength from how they behave after failure. Like how quickly they get back on their feet, whether failure turns them humane and humble or they become unpleasant.” Which is perhaps where the humility comes from, for she if there is anyone in the industry who has made an incredible space for herself by herself, it has to be Anushka Sharma.

Guess Bollywood really is in for a change, all thanks to actresses like Anushka Sharma who know a thing or two about listening to their heart’s calling.

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