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Amidst All The Fear Of The Coronavirus, A Chinese Woman Marries An Indian Man In MP. It’s A Heart-Warming Story

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I am sure you have read all those memes about January 2020 being so long, that it felt like an entire year. I have to agree, January did feel like one long hangover and I couldn’t be gladder (is that a word?) it’s finally over. Like most memes, the reason why these ones were so funny is because of how utterly true they were. January was filled with bad news but the worst of them all was the outbreak of coronavirus in China that has now claimed over 300 lives.

Now, I am sure you’ll know all about the coronavirus since it is all anybody can talk about right now. We know it is fatal, not to mention highly contagious, and all that is enough to us far away from anything Chinese at this point (Guys, I don’t know who needs to hear this, but Corona beer does not count). This is how most of us feel right? And not, it’s not racism, the fear is real. But amidst all this fear-mongering and sad news, there is a ray of hope with the news of a guy in Mandsaur, MP who married a Chinese woman. There is something to be happy about.

Satyarth Mishra and Zhihao Wang tied the knot in his hometown after dating her for a few years. This wedding kept the MP health officials on their toes since the bride Zhihao’s father, Shibo Wang, mother, Xin Guan, and two other relatives from China attended the wedding flew in straight from the country that is at the epicentre of the outbreak- China.

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The ceremony had a team of five to six doctors and paramedical staff on site who examined each and every person who arrived from China. Obviously, it would have been a dampener on the proceedings but caution is certainly better in this case. According to the doctors, the family was extremely cooperative.

Though according to Zhihao, her city does not have any cases of coronavirus and hence her family is not worried about returning home. They plan on visiting several tourist spots in India before returning to China.

The couple met five years ago while they were studying in Canada and now are getting married with the blessings of their families. A few of the bride’s relatives though could not attend the wedding since they did not get visas due to the outbreak of the virus.

This story is really interesting because this proves that not even a deadly virus can stop two people in love from being together. Too cheesy? It is, but you have to agree this really is heartwarming. This has the making of a perfect love story. Nicholas Sparks, are you listening?

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