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7 Songs That Are Perfect For Your Solo Bride Performance At Your Sangeet

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For most girls out there, especially if they are anything like me, our wedding day is possibly going to be one of the most important and enjoyable days of our lives. Think about it, a couple of days full of fun with all the closest friends and family around just for YOU. And no matter how much the groom urges it is his day too, you and I both know that it is really the bride who is the star of the show and that means it is an all eyes on you kinda affair.

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And while the entire wedding from the mehendi and sagan to the actual time of the pheras is lovely and memorable, there are only two things that people really remember long after the wedding is over. One is the food, and second of course, the solo performance of the bride. And since you already have your wedding posse taking care of the catering, we have taken care of the latter for you, by shortlisting 7 songs that would be perfect for your bridal performance on your wedding!


A song that is as filled with emotion as it is with sass, this one is the perfect choice for a to-be-bride to show her dance moves and some nakhras , especially when the lyrics resonate oh-so-well with the mood and the situation!

Nachde Ne Saare

This song from the movie Baar Baar Dekho is for the chilled out brides who are okay with displaying their emotions for their happy day as freely as Katrina Kaif did in the song. This is an energetic bride who wants to let their inner free bird come out to the dance floor and just have some fun!


This song from Khoobsoorat, does justice to the movie title and is already one of the most picked songs for a bridal solo and we can see why. With beautiful lyrics and a soothing tempo, this one gets just the right message across and allows you to really soak up on all the emotions while at it!

Deewani Mastani

For the ones who like to go big and grand on their wedding, this song from Bajirao Mastani is tailor-made for you. Creating an aura of grandeur and excitement, this song is definitely the kind to attract attention and for good reason no less! After all, on your wedding, you are no less than a queen yourself!

Leja Leja Re

The remixed version of this old classic, that puts the feelings of a bride well in words is a must  have on your list for your wedding dance solo! Quirky, coy and happy, this song will probably stealing words out of your mouth and you can make googly eyes at your groom while you go about doing happily prancing around to this number.

Nai Jaana

A sappy yet emotional number, this one usually ends up touching the hearts of the bride’s family more than the groom. The beats, the lyrics, the mood everything that yells Nai Jaana but urges you to take that step into your new life, this one is a bittersweet choice!

Chittiyaan Kalaiyaan

This could probably be your last chance to convince the to-be-hubby to gift you another trinket to sit on your wrist and shake a leg alongside you to this peppy number! Definitely a great pick for a performance that people won’t just enjoy but also would love to join in on.

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