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7 Hilarious Things Every Bride Will Relate To

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Being a bride is lots of fun. You get pampered, all eyes are on you, you get to doll up. It’s amazing. But it also involves everyong wanting to ask you to make a decision, spending nights up worrying about being away from your family and tons of responsibilities, reality checks and a LOT of self control. We know it can get overbearing but here’s the lighter side to being a bride. We are pretty sure you will relate.

You Want The Attention! All Of It!

Admit it, you want all the attention, you are the bride.  When it comes down to the final moments, you always have your inner Monica taking over and making it a competition between you and the beau. “Let’s be clear, all eyes on me, not us!” 
No, we get it, the attention is intoxicating.

You forgot your husband and had your tailor on speed dial

Sex and all is okay but have you tried fitting into a blouse at the last minute? You need the tailor. NEED him. For all the million fittings you need to get into your lehenga, or to sew up that last minute tear in your blouse after you’ve been gulping in those sweets at the hands of a hundred relatives. It is him to the rescue!



You have reconsidered introducing people as family members

Because, surely, you can’t be related to these people? This is also the time you find out just how many embarrassing relatives you have in your family.
 You realise just how many of them secretly wanted to be India’s next dancing superstar, some who haven’t left the buffet and one fufaji who’s upset he’s not got enough attention.

You had performance anxiety during bidaai

You could be super attached to your family, love them with every bone in your body and genuinely miss them or the idea of living with them, but during bidaai, somehow none of this seems enough to get that one tear to drop from your eyes.  All you can do is let out sobs if not tears and hide behind those long heartfelt hugs. Where’s the glycerin at?

Your mouth hurt from smiling

And your back from touching people’s feet.  Yes, it’s a happy occasion. We are really grateful for the gifts. By the end of the night, you can’t be bothered to smile and it’s starting to look like a grimace.

You actually dodged the photographers

How does one even sneak in a bite or a shot of tequila to calm down the nerves while there are a million cameras recording you from every impossible angle?

You couldn’t eat because you wanted the clothes to fit!

Because literally, both your blouse and lehenga were really unforgiving but you chose it so now you don’t know what to think!


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