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5 Conversations To Have With Bae Before You Tie The Knot

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So, you have decided to solemnise your relationship? Congratulations! You must be excited, nervous, thrilled, and stressed, all at once. We bet you want your big day to be nothing but romantic and perfect. Stuff of the movies. Running up to the wedding, you probably want the same – that everything should be rosy. Well, real life doesn’t work like that. Sigh.  You’ve got to be practical, and take matters in your own hands. Especially when it comes to life-changing events such as marriage. This is why, no matter how unromantic it may seem to you, you should have these 5 conversations before you seal the deal.

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1. Where will you live?

Don’t work on assumptions, and hopes. If you want a certain living arrangement, be upfront about it right from the start rather than it becoming an issue later. You want to talk about living with his parents, in a city, all the things that may seem harsh and unromantic.

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2. Are you going to join your assets?

Do you open a joint account? Maybe buy a property that is jointly owned? Or, will you keep what’s yours to yourself? It’s going to be an uncomfortable but it’s a conversation that needs to be had.

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3. Consider prenups

What happens in case your marriage doesn’t work out? Rather than fighting an ugly battle later, it may be wise to sign prenups right at the beginning, while you still feel good about yourselves and each other. And no, there’s nothing wrong with it. Life happens. It’s best to be prepared.

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4. What about children?

A bit of “family planning” never hurt anybody. When do you both agree is the right time to have children, if at all? Again, it’s best to be on the same page about this.

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5. Work schedule

What are your expectations of your husband when it comes to work schedule, and money? What are his? Would you rather have lots of money coming in, at the cost of both of you spend less time with each other, and long hours at work? Or would you prioritise being able to spend time with each other, even if that means a slightly lower income? Lay it all out.


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