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5 Indulgent Bath Salts To Soak Away Pre-Wedding Stress!

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Wedding outfits, beautiful venue, flawless decor, mouth-watering food, and a million other things are probably already on your wedding checklist and you knew that was coming.  But what you didn’t account for is that all of these things come with abundance of stress! Whether you’re a bridezilla or a bride-chilla, stress is inevitable. And deep breaths and other such advice is pretty pointless. Unless you relax your mind and body by drawing yourself a bath. It’s pretty strategic.  You get to relax as well as get in some me time amidst all the chaos and shenanigans. Here are 5 amazing bath salts that you need to hoard on before your D-day!

Forest Essentials Hydrating Sea Salt Body Polisher (Rs 2750)

Nyassa Sandalwood Bath Salt (Rs 500)

Soulflower Aroma Bath Salt (Rs 292)

The Body Shop Dead Sea Salt Scrub (Rs 2,295)

Ananda Wild Rose Bath Salt and Scrub (Rs 1037)


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