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Fought With Your BFF? You’re Totally Going To Relate To This!

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BFFs who do not fight aren’t really your besties, are they? They say you annoy and hurt the ones you’re closest to, and that actually is most true with your best friend.

The real life Tom to your Jerry, best friend fights are the worst to have! They might be massive and gruesome (you say some nasty things, they say a whole lot more) or petty and silly, but when you choose to not talk to your bestie, it can be hell!

You’ve probably gone to the various stages of anger, denial, resentment, sadness, eventually learning to accept and forgive. That’s when you realise your friendship is as stretchy as an elastic band — it gets pulled to hell and back, only to come back to its regular shape.

Watch the video and laugh away, as we take you through each and every thought that goes through your mind when you fight with your best friend.


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