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#MustWatch: The Girliyapa Girls Are Back With A Hilarious Episode!

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Viral Fever’s latest venture, Girliyapa is a women-centric YouTube channel that uses satire and humour to tackle everyday stereotypes that we, girls, face. While they’ve done videos on various girly issues — periods, marriage, BFs — and they’ve come up with a web series for the same. Two girls, Mallika Dua and Srishti Shrivastava, tickle our ribs with these under-5-minute videos and TBH, they have succeeded.

The first episode, ‘Why Should Hot Girls Have All The Fun?’ is a take on how girls get stalked and stared at, but with a funny twist. Though it garnered positive attention, it was also tagged as a sexist show. They recently came out with the second episode on appraisal. Those annual horror stories we need to go through with HR. We see the girls ranting about things that we can definitely relate to. Stuff like saving for a padded bra, how Indian girls need to spend on fairness creams, how they get harassed everywhere, and Fawad Khan, of course!

Web series have become quite the rage and slowly, but surely, they are making the idiot box disappear. Girliyapa is one of them. These two young girls have shown some great talent with amazing timing. If they can make you laugh within 2 minutes, I think they are here to stay! While we wait for their next episode, take a look at the recent one above. And the first one below, in case you have missed it!


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