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Save Vs Splurge: 5 Highlighters Put To The Test

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Beauty trends will come and go, but we wouldn’t want to let go of our glowing cheekbones, now would we? Shine like a diamond? Hell yes!

And since we’re all about those 3-dimensional cheekbones, we’re always on the lookout for that one highlighter that ticks all the right boxes and gives those damn cheekbones a mirror-like glow.

So in a bid to find the best highlighter, we put 5 of our fave brands to the test. Also, because we understand that money doesn’t grow on trees (right, dad?), we decided to review both budget and luxury products, so that you can pick and choose, and maybe save your moolah to buy some drinks this weekend.

Now go forth, watch this video, and get ready to glow like that damn shiny disco ball.


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