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5 Types Of People You Meet At A Job Interview!

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Job interviews, *sigh*, that one massive milestone in your life that is your golden ticket to adulting. All of us react differently to a job interview — for some it’s an absolute nightmare, while for others it’s a walk-in-the-park. However in between these two variants lie a whole lot of OTHER people, whose approach to the interviewing process is…let’s say, strange.

Whether you’ve come across such characters in your professional life, or are actually a living-breathing example of one of them, this video is something you will totally relate to. We’ve picked out 5 different types of people you encounter at a job interview — so which one are you?

1. The Nervous One

The one who sweats more than they speak.

2. The Desperate One

The one who is in dire need of the job and will make sure you’re aware of it. EVERY. STEP. OF. THE. WAY.

3. The Feku

The rich-daddy’s-girl who thinks she’s entitled to everything just because she showed up to the interview.

4. The Overachiever

The know-it-all-done-it-all who seems to have achieved everything in life.

5. The Slow One

The one whose light flickers and dims out within seconds of asking a question.

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