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This Is How 4 Types Of Bengali Women React When Bae Is Running Late

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Bengali women are known to be opinionated, strong, feisty, and apparently great in bed. We have minds of our own and we aren’t afraid to tell you what we think or how we feel. And when we’re angry, boy, will you know! So if you’re running late… well, God help you.

If you’ve ever known a Bong girl, then you’ve definitely come across at least ONE of these distinct personalities. And if you are a Bong girl, then you will totally get what we’re talking about! *wink*

The Fighter Cock aka Ms Jhogrute

She is the first to make her displeasure known — rather vocally.

The Needy aka Ms Nyaka

She loves playing the damsel-in-distress and will make her man feel like she cannot take a step without him — of course, to get the job done.

The Pseudo-Intellectual aka Ms Aatel

She is more interested in her Murakami book and Presidency politics, than in some boy who can’t respect her time.

The Sex Bomb aka Ms Shundori

She’s sexy and she knows it! She often uses sex to get her work done…or well, as a weapon to punish when it’s not done.

Know anyone like this? Or… are you one of them? Or all? Tag your Bong friends and comment here to let us know!

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