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Radhika Apte Talks About Ghoul. We Are Spooked!

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Look, this article is going to talk about Ghoul. And Radhika Apte who plays a central character in Ghoul. Ghoul is a horror-meets-suspense-meets-thriller Netflix series that is sure to spook you. At this point, if you are worried that you are going to get spoilers, let me put your fears to rest. That’s because I haven’t gone beyond the first 5 minutes of Ghoul. And no, it’s not because my internet connection was sketchy, which by the way, is a completely acceptable reason. I don’t have spoilers because I couldn’t watch it.

Yes, okay, call me a bit of a scaredy cat, but Ghoul is creepy and scary and makes you uncomfortable. So, yeah, excuse me for not being able to watch it. So, instead, we spoke to Radhika Apte about her experience shooting this series, and a bunch of other things that scare her. Or don’t.

Watch this video for all the deets! Also, tell me how Ghoul ends please, ‘coz genuinely have no idea.


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