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Radhika Apte’s Powerful Video Is Just What We Need To Tell Ourselves!

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Beauty is what you have within you and what you like the most about yourself. It’s not something you can define or put a face to. It’s beyond unfair for society, which includes all of us, to set these unrealistic standards of beauty for young girls at an age where they can barely spell contour. We’re made to believe that not everyone is beautiful right from when we’re playing with our pretty dolls, and that is highlighted in this new viral video where you can see actress Radhika Apte talk about what she would say to her younger self.

Love yourself in the pure and natural form that you are. Now that we can see things with more clarity, we realize that we don’t need to make ourselves feel bad over what society expects us to look like. ”How can I be pretty… I’ve got fat thighs!” or ”I’m too tall.” or anything you’ve been told all your life. Don’t give in to what people want you to believe about yourself. Know what makes you you. Because nothing else matters except your opinion of yourself.

You don’t have to fit into a standard body size to be beautiful. Size zero, Large, XL, XXL, they’re all just the same and don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. Don’t struggle to fit into someone else’s definition of pretty, beautiful or hot. If you like yourself the way you are, what people say shouldn’t matter and it doesn’t matter who that is. Your boyfriend, best friend or your parents, you don’t need to convince people that you deserve to be given compliments.

There’s a reason why you can relate so much to this video because you know it’s so damn true and it’s time you start working on your self-esteem. The next time you wear make-up or those thigh high boots, make sure you wear it for yourself. Believe that you’re gorgeous and you will be 🙂


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