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Forget Dry Shampoo! 5 Hairstyles You Need To Try On A Greasy Hair Day

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We cannot deny that we’ve all gone through bad hair days — some more than others, no doubt, but we’ve all experienced that torturous moment where we lose a battle to our greasy scalp and uncooperative mane. Now, the obvious choice would be to wash your hair out, duhhh, but oh well….most of us are too lazy to do so. When you’re stuck in a job that doesn’t particularly stick to the 9-to-5 schedule, or you’re overworking yourself on that group college project that involves more people but nobody bothers, the process of washing your hair, drying it, styling it, and then making sure it stays intact can be a little too daunting *cue sleepy yawn*. All you’re going to need are a couple of rubber bands and bobby pins — trust me, for someone who usually ends up in a knot when styling her hair (both my arms and my tresses…it is a constant struggle), this tutorial is extremely easy.

So, for the times where you want to get in a little extra ZZZs or creep into bed for that one much-needed additional hour of laziness, let Kaushal show you how to tame that greasy mane with 5 oily-hair hairstyles!


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