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5 Easy Ways To Make Your Very Own Earphones Holder

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What is that one tech essential that’s pretty much sacred for everyone? EARPHONES! You need them while commuting, while you work, while you’re on a trip, or simply to ignore someone (don’t judge me… we’ve all done it). I’ve seen people practically have meltdowns when their pair goes missing. However precious they are, you have to agree that these little babies cause a lot of trouble. It’s a constant hassle untangling them, and worse still, they have a knack for getting jumbled up with a million other things in our handbags.

To solve this problem, you could invest in an earphone holder to sort your life out. But if you want to save some money and get creative, why not make one yourself?

Keep scrolling for 5 really cute DIY earphone holders that will keep you and your earphones happy!


1. Wooden Clips Earphones Holder

The simplest DIY of the lot, you can literally finish this in 2 minutes. All you need is two wooden clips and some glue. If you decide to decorate it, you can use anything you like… sparkles, washi tape, paints, beads, and so on.


2. Notebook and Cap Earphones Holder

This is a very cool recycled DIY project. Take an old notebook’s back cover and a plastic cap from a discarded bottle, and that’s it. Instead of the mustache, you can make a heart, write your favourite quote, or paste one of your favourite pictures. It can be a superb gift idea too.


3. Small Container Earphones Holder

Okay, I lied. This might be the easiest DIY project. You just need a small container — be it a plastic mint box or a tin case — and decorate it according to your taste. You can turn it into a keychain too as shown in the video. PS: I love Ice Breakers!


4. Emoji Earphones Holder

This is seriously the most adorable earphone holder you will ever see. The earbuds act as the perfect googly eyes for the emojis. And the best part? You can make the emoji that you <3!


5. Cup Earphones Holder

To end with a bang, this DIY is a little complicated but still easy to execute. And if you are a Starbucks fan, you just have to make it. This project uses small magnets that are easily available at stationary stores.


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