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Chocolate Is Good For Your Skin — And We Can Prove It!

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Do you love chocolate so much that Charlie And The Chocolate Factory is your ultimate dream? Brace yourselves, because now you can wrap yourself in all that ooey-gooey goodness and get super-nourished skin at the same time!

Heavenly Spa at The Westin Hotel wraps you up like a chocolate crepe! Yes, you read that right. They drizzle your body in a cocoa paste that consists of crushed walnuts, cocoa powder, and a mud mask, post which you’re wrapped into a cosy plastic sheet, and a thermal blanket.

My journey began with a refreshing lemon-infused beverage, after which I headed for a relaxing steam. Post the steam, I was ready to switch off and go into zen mode — escape from reality! Let me just say, the moment the bell rang and the treatment started, I left all my worries behind and got sucked into a whirlwind of peace and serenity.

Now, if you are ticklish, you might find yourself twitching and shuddering when the chocolate is smeared all over you, but don’t let that take anything away from the experience. I for one, did feel a little sticky and gooey when the paste started to dry, but hey, something about getting wrapped in chocolate was comforting!

After the application came the warm and toasty part of the wrap. While I did look like something out of Dexter or an S&M movie gone wrong, the thermal blanket definitely felt like an embracing hug.

After washing the chocolate off (which was less of a nightmare than I thought it would be), I headed to the relaxation area for some dark chocolate and green tea indulgence, to end my chocolate wrap experience.

While covering yourself in chocolate leaves you literally in a sticky situation, the chocolate actually helps nourish your skin, leaving it moisturised and super hydrated. Its main aim is to eliminate toxins from the skin, and boy did it do that!

Want to experience this too? Head to The Heavenly Spa, located at The Westin Mumbai Garden City!


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