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Men Reveal The Things That Blow Their Mind In Sex

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It’s funny how we can really never stop evolving when it comes to sex. There’s always something new to learn, to realise, or just to be reminded of. Sometimes, it’s really the most basic things that we miss out on. Like seriously, how difficult is it for men to understand we need more foreplay? And yet, so many men just miss out on it unless reminded. So many men tend to undermine the clit. But then again, we too are often unaware or rather forgetting about things that make sex better for men.

Honestly, if a guy is putting so much effort in pleasing me, I’d want to blow his mind too. And a woman on Reddit asked the men exactly this – how to blow your minds when it comes to sex? She wrote, “Just had sex with the guy I’m seeing and he had me speechless from the moment he started touching me and had me feeling so good I could barely think. He let on that he’d been doing some reading up and that’s where the new moves came from so I’m looking to pick up some of yours to try to get him in the same zone.”

Men were happy to respond and someone pointed out a really good one. “Kegels on the out-stroke,” a user wrote. Another user clarified what it means, “During sex, the penis goes in and out of the vagina. While the penis is going out of the vagina, the girl squeezes the penis with her vagina and turns the moment into lipsthatgrip.” Well, I do that sometimes and although we haven’t spoken about it, I am assuming it does feel good.

Another guy said moans and other passionate responses make sex feel even better for him. “I respond positively to sound – Heavy breathing, especially while our faces are close/touching, moaning, general sounds of pleasure without trying to sound like a pornstar. Also I like aggression, it makes me feel wanted: Nails on skin, light biting (or even harder, on less sensitive areas), grabbing, etc. Also the first chick who (LIGHTLY) sucked on my balls was an extremely pleasant surprise,” he wrote.

A guy said he loves it when his lady wraps her legs around him during sex. “When she wraps her legs around you pulling you further in as you’re climaxing. Dear lord..,” he wrote. There’s a tip!

Some guysreally poured their heart out saying just being complimented in bed made them feel all sexed up. “Had a girl say she’s addicted to me during sex, that felt good. That I was like a drug,” a user wrote. Another user added, “I still think about one time I was hooking up with a girl and she said, “I… love… your… cock” with a heavy breath in between each word.”

Some men said feeling wanted, like really, genuinely wanted makes them all horny. “Basically, the hottest thing a woman can do during sex is to genuinely want it and communicate that through body language. Not “I want it because I know that’s what you want” but “I want it because I want it”. You don’t necessarily have to be good at any one particular thing as long as you exude through body language and attitude you’re really into this and this is what you want it can make sex 10 times better,” a user wrote.

Another man cited genuine expression of pleasure as his biggest turn-on. “52m and I’ll tell you that the biggest turn on for me still, is any genuine expression from her that she is enjoying what I’m doing to / with her. Please notice “genuine”, don’t fake it if you don’t like it, communicate that lovingly. And when you do like it, even the most subtle moans, writhing, squeeze, whatever comes natural… it all turns it into something more special than it would have been otherwise,” he wrote.

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A user said all he wants is his woman to touch him all over and not just on the pelvic region. “Actually touching us anywhere else other than our crotch. Grab our arms, run hands down our backs. I’ve been with a fair amount of ladies now at my age, and honestly, it’s so rare,” he wrote.

So essentially, men too just want to feel wanted – passionately. What blows their mind in sex? When you are not hesitant to express your pleasure, when you tell him you are horny and what you want, when you compliment him, etc. he wants to be touched, all over and not just on his dick and balls. I think men want to be made love to the way they do us. They aren’t so different afterall!

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