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India’s First Line Of Masturbators To Hit The Market In December This Year, Says Raj Armani. Time For An AatmaNirbhar Bharat!

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This year started with quite a bang, as many would still say. Except, contrary to the Big Bang that created the world in the first place, this one seems more like the kind that would end it. With absolutely anything and everything happening in the world right now, case in point – the current corona pandemic, locusts attack, almost bi-weekly earthquakes, cyclones and now some growing political tension at the borders to add to the mix. Let’s just say it’s not a good year for any of us. However, that still doesn’t mean that we can’t salvage what is left in its wake.

A couple of weeks ago, Prime Minister Narendra Modi got up to deliver yet another one of his televised country-wide announcements on the matters of Covid-19. The only take away from 45-minute long speech was that being able to practice ‘Atmanirbharta‘ is the key. After the speech, a lot of us were left to reconsider our choices in consumerism. Urging the citizens to become self-reliant, not just in the way of being independent as an individual, but also in terms of being a country. His message was loud and clear for those who were listening. And seems like, Raj Armani, founder of an adult toy store was tuning right in.

Resonating with the idea to ‘build an atmanirbhar Bharat’, the founder of, which is an online adult toy store, Raj Armani has announced to launch its first line of male and female masturbators made in, and for, India. Calling Modi’s speech the “wind we needed for the fire,” Raj Armani will now be manufacturing adult toys in India itself, for there could be no better time to make this move.

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Taking us through what he has in mind for his new production, he says, “They will have India preferences on girth, thickness, colour and texture. Its branding will be synonymous with our Kamasutra scriptures to bring Indian mythology alive in a new avatar.” And just by the sound of it, we are finding it difficult to wait for this line until later this year.

With a bold take on the names of the products that have been kept ‘Samaaj‘ and ‘Sanskaar‘, because in their words,  “f*** Samaaj and f*** Sanskaar,” Raj Armani may have taken the ‘self-reliant’ bit a little too seriously. But we can’t say we are disappointed. In a country like India, where more than 70% of the sex toys are imported from across the world, this lockdown has shown us just how in demand these products would be in if home-grown and supplied.

Projecting a boost in the ‘sexual wellness’ industry, even though ours is an archaic land filled with taboos and stereotypes, has been hell-bent on providing for some quality me-time. One that we can definitely use during this stressful lockdown. And especially after we are finally coming around to the idea of masturbation and self-pleasure, with movies like Lust Stories, Veere Di Wedding broadening our horizons, this might just be the perfect move towards a more aatmanirbhar and liberal mindset.

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